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About Me

Hey my name is Bridget Parry or my family calls me "Bridgey Widgey" and since we are family here... Bridgey Widgey it is!!

A little about me:
   I come from a big family where I am the baby of 8 children. Being in such a loud family I have learned that I rarely get anyone's undivided attention and that just doesn't work with my personality :)  I love to talk and share my ideas and so if I can't do it there I decided to do it here. I also can only talk to my baby for so long before people may start to think I am crazy:)

    I am a huge over-thinker but not when it comes to my blog. Yes, I graduated from the University of Utah in communications but on this blog I write how I talk. There will be misplaced comma's and misspelled words. It is just going to happen. So if you don't mind that then come and enjoy.

  I love crafting and I tend to start too many craft projects before I finish one. I am a party decorator with a passion for baking. However, my number one passion is being a mom to the cutest boy in the world. This blog is to document my parties, crafts, recipes, and random thoughts... actually lets face it, it is all the things I can get done during my son's nap times.
 Stay awhile. Follow me. Leave a comment and I hope you enjoy because "Life is a Party."

My cute baby boy

and last but not least my amazing (sexy, if I do say so myself) husband:

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