{About Me}

Hello, I am so glad you found my blog. My name is Bridget but my family calls me "Bridgey Widgey" and since we are family here... Bridgey Widgey it is!!

A little about me:

 I am a party decorator and mother.  I have a passion for fashion, photography, crafting, and baking. However, my number one passion is being a mom and wife to the cutest boys in the world.

I am a Utah girl living in California and I come from a HUGE family... yep you guess it, I am Mormon. I started helping my siblings with parties for their kids and what turned into a passion is now my job. I love finding new ways to decorate a party without going over budget.

On my blog I show you how you can recreate a killer party using thrift store items and DIY crafts. I will document my parties, fashion, crafts, recipes, and family moments. Actually let's face it, really it is all the things I can get done during my son's nap times.
 Stay awhile. Join the Party. Leave a comment, and remember to always enjoy life as if it were a party!

You can contact me : bridget.parry(at) gmail.com

My cute family

My cute boys

...and last but not least, my amazing (sexy, if I do say so myself) husband:

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