Monday, October 20, 2014

Star Wars Party

Jaxon's Birthday party was a BLAST, no but seriously... I even had fun!  I can still hear the theme music playing in my mind... or maybe it is just Jaxon who hums it every second of the day ;). This post has a lot of pictures so just stick with me as I break it down. At the end I will have all my amazing vendors so you can create this yourself.

If you follow my blog you know I am a stickler for the details. It all starts with the invitations that Jaxon hand delivered. This made it fun for him and it set the theme. When kids came to the door he would take off his mask and say, " guys guys it's just me Jaxon." As if they thought it was the real deal ha ha.

 At the front of the house I displayed this sign to help indicate which house it was. 

the cake topper made by Cake Freak. She can make ANYTHING and she can ship any where in the USA. I had a vision and knew I wanted this to be the main focus of my display. She was able to create it and ship it to me! Seriously this gal has more talent in her pinky when it comes to cake than I will EVER have! 


 I created these with grasshopper cookies, black sprinkles, mini chocolate chips and white frosting. I melted some wilton melting chocolate and with a tooth pick drew lines to create "fur" like lines to create his face. They turned out cute I think, or at least the two girls at the party who didn't know a thing about star wars thought these "critters were cute."  

Plastic cups dipped in green melting chocolate and then quickly into a shallow dish filled with green sprinkles.  I repeated this twice to get me the desired thickness of sprinkles. Top with a cute straw from Bake it pretty and you are good to go.

(chocolate covered popcorn with marshmallows and sprinkles)

Tutorial for the light sabers kabobs

For the activities: I presented to the kids that we had to train to become Jedi Masters so we can defeat the dark side and take down Darth Vader. I let them know Darth Vader was coming to take Jaxon's presents and we had to be prepared to save them.

First up,we did a light saber training where I was the Jedi master who taught them how to activate and deactivate their light saber. I basically recreated the Jedi Training from Disneyland. This is where we also dressed them in their Jedi robes. 

*** helpful hint... I buy a thrift store bed sheet to make my jedi robes. for 2 dollars you get yards of fabric that would otherwise be expensive. 

Next they had to fight the storm troopers. I created an obstacle course using hula hoops and telling them they had to jump through each galaxy (hula hoops) and through the milky way (the tunnel) to enter into the home of the storm troopers (the bounce house and white balloons that my friend drew storm trooper faces on). 


After a lot of fun fighting the storm troopers, we headed to the Intergalactic Photo Booth. I created this by using a clothing rack stand, a table cloth, and a shear overlay fabric purchased at Joann's.

Instead of putting them on regular sticks I chose to use cute paper straws from Bake It Pretty

The Fourth station to help us prepare to fight Darth Vader was to learn how to build a fighter ship. I made individual boxes from Gygi's filled with legos for each kid. With their imagination they built their ships and colored their Star Wars coloring sheets.

The Last station was to practice fighting Darth Vader (the piñata).  I gave each kid their personalized sack to collect their candy in. I did this because I know after they get their candy they may set their sack down and then cry that someone took their candy. These are just white lunch sacks purchased at target and then with a sharpie my friend and I drew on storm trooper faces. 

Mini light sabers and candy I used to fill the piñata. Remember it is all about the details!

OH NO WHATS THAT????? .... astroids just fell from the sky. Hurry kids collect as many as you can as fast as you can!!! go... go... go...!

While they were hunting around the yard for "astroids" (tin foil balls), I had my Darth Vader get ready to appear and fight the Jedi trainees. The music changed to evil music and Darth appeared and the Jedi's attacked!

Once they took down Darth Vader, each guest got a personalized certificate they could take home along with their light saber, jedi robe, and a candy light saber.



ALL PRINTABLES: Mimi's Dollhouse

CAKE: cake topper and stars made by Cake Freak
             gum-balls by Orson Gygi
             cake made by me

PHOTOGRAPHY: Courtney Dahl


Paper straws: Bake It Pretty
green and black sprinkles: Orson Gygi,
cupcake toppers:William Sonoma
Green light saber cupcake topper: Bake it Pretty
Black and white nut cups: Bake it Pretty
Balloons: Party City
Giant Darth Vaders: Target
Wookie cookies: made with grasshopper cookies, frosting, sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips

White boxes: Orson Gygi
Piñata: Party City 
Mini light sabers inside piñata: Bake It Pretty

water noodles (cut in half), duct tape, electrical tape: Dollar store.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Light Saber Kabobs

light saber Kabobs made with wine corks wrapped in tinfoil and electrical tape

Friday, July 18, 2014

First Birthday Party

 Ashton's party was thrown together in two days. AHHH I am a SUPER indecisive person and I couldn't make a decision for the life of me. Should I whip it up in two days for his actual birthday or just wait until I got back in town, but then that would push me into August.  I know, I've heard it all... "he is one." "he won't remember." "he doesn't care".... yada yada yada but I CARE.  I have SO many rubbermaids in my garage FULL of party stuff ready to go that it would be silly of me not to take a few minutes and throw something together. I knew I would regret it if not. Plus, we all know I LOVE parties.  I have yet to throw one where Jaxon had an opinion, so this time it was fun because he was getting all excited for Ashton and helping me put together the favors.

 Besides sending the last minute invitation via text, the weather not working in my favor and having to switch the location last minute, I would say it went very well. I learned a few things from throwing Jaxon's Party:

1. Don't be a crazy host who is STRESSED out the whole party where you don't even remember it.
2. have someone else take the pictures and you just enjoy the moment and take time to socialize with the guests.
3. don't stress things aren't going perfectly or your child isn't acting the way you imagined it would go.For example- I BOTCHED Ashton's cake the night before the party. It was leaning, the frosting runny, just awful. don't believe me, see for yourself...

And during the whole process I was just laughing and called my guru frosting friend to come bail me out. I added some gum balls and a topper and it ended up better than I originally planned.

Okay now to the party...

I walked past my toy room and saw this print hanging on my wall and decided to have that as my inspiration. It was great to help remind me the reason why I am doing this party and to keep it simple. I pulled from past parties and items in his room for the decor. I served little cups of ice cream displayed in a rubber ducky inflatable tub, and an assortment of baby/kid friendly snacks. I unleashed a bunch of balloons and let the kids go wild with them at the park. Super easy but most importantly FUN!

At the end of the post I will link to past parties all the decorations came from with their tutorials. 

Last minute addition since my cricket machine broke on me the night before :(.  I changed plans and shrunk down images to look like instagram prints on a word document and printed it out on photo paper. 

Dumb mom planned the party during his nap time.

Back off it's my cake....

At the end of the party giving me lots of cuddles.

When Chase got home that night we opened up his gifts and dug into the cake all over again. The highlight was when we hosed him down. Jax and Ashton were giggling, jumping in puddles, and loving getting drenched by dad.

Fabric banner: tutorial here from Mustache Bash party and Cookies and milk party
Chicken Wire frame with pictures: Tutorial here
Table cloth: Thrift store... it is a bed sheet :)
Cake topper: I made it with skewers and pom pom trim from JoAnn's. The one is from scrapbook numbers and letter kit purchased at Michael's. ( I found it in my stash so not 100% sure that's where it is from)
Gumballs: Orson Gygi
Vintage train: vintage shop in St. George Utah
Let them be little sign: Found Here


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