Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's Grilling Time

For those who love to grill outdoors but hate the messy clean up afterward, This product is for you!!

 The original Miracle Grill Mat™ offers a 100 percent non-stick solution just in time for warm

 weather barbecues and holiday celebrations. Miracle Grill Mat not only wipes clean, but

 also delivers grilling perfection – ensuring meat, fish and veggies won’t stick or fall into the grill.

I hate to admit but this is my FIRST time grilling. I usually let my husband work the grill, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.

 My favorite part is the clean up. This wasn't even half of what was left over after my flank stakes were cooked. I was in the process of cleaning it off and thought... ah wait, I need to document this to show you just how easy it is to clean up! So, imagine double that gunk that would be in my bbq right now. EW! 

Let me tell you more about these mats that would be PERFECT for fathers day and for the summer months of barbecuing. 

The smooth, completely non-stick surface of Miracle Grill Mat can also transform an outdoor grill into a versatile cooking station.  The thing I think is THE COOLEST, is It can be used to easily cook bacon and eggs, hash browns, pancakes, grilled-cheese sandwiches and countless other items…outdoors!  say WHAT? mmmm pancakes on the bbq, that sounds DELISH!
This Miracle Grill Mat is not just for backyard barbecues, it’s perfect for tailgating, picnicking and camping... I think just maybe I can now actually go camping :) 

I am giving my readers 5 dollars off any purchase with the code GRILL5 (that is the number 5 not an s) 

Plus you get Bonus Gift: Miracle Baking Mat Lets You Bake in Oven or Microwave Without Sticking

With warm weather holidays like July Fourth approaching and Father’s Day just around the corner, Miracle Grill Mat is a great gift for any grilling enthusiast. Order and receive two Miracle Grill Mats and the special bonus gift Miracle Baking Mat – a $40.00 total value – for just $19.95 with free shipping. Plus use my special code for my readers and that is an additional 5 dollars off. BOOM! you're welcome ;)

The original Miracle Grill Mat is available only online. To order, go to Miracle Grill Mat

Happy grilling everyone! 

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