Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Princess is Popular

I just got onto Pinterest and it didn't automatically log me in, which can be annyoning but in this case I was SO excited because look what was on the popular page!

My Vintage Princess Party 

Speaking of this party, I have a funny story. So as I have mentioned before, my family makes little remarks about me blogging but if it wasn't blogging it would be something else. We all ( including me) just tease each other. It is just how we roll. Anyone else have a family like this? Anyways my brother, who lives in Arizona, went with his wife to a little girls birthday party and found the party to be very similar to my princess party. When they asked where their friend got her inspiration for her daughters party, she mentioned this cute blog called bridgey widgey! My brother was dying in shock and I am so happy to know people are recreating these parties. This is EXACTLY why I break down all the parties in hopes you will create it at home. 

If anyone else has recreated any of my parties or even part of it, I would love to see pics!

The party my brother went to. I love her princess hats... I must say more than mine ;)

I love the touch of the pink coconut! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Game Night Party: behind the scene

When I first started out doing parties I would look for inspiration at other parties and wonder how they created that oh-so-beautiful table. I knew people could crop their photos, but I wished someone would of shared their unedited photos and their secrets. I have been asked if I have always wanted to decorate parties or if I have always been good at it, and the answer is NO. check out my first party. The lighting was bad, the decor was blah, and I had no back drop. I remember thinking this party was the BOM.COM ha!

I show you this party to encourage all of you who want to start taking your party up a notch that you can do it. I know most people don't throw a party a week, but for me that is how I learned what works and what doesn't. I am going to break down this Game Party and show you the good, the bad, and the ugly :)

Let's start with the main table...

I used two twister boards for the table cloth and for my color inspiration for the whole party.

I use empty board game boxes for my platters and for adding different height to my party. Behind the Jenga box, the three candy jars are sitting on a monopoly box.

Using board games, I added levels. I also used mini game cards for cupcake toppers along with fun printables you can purchase here

Using foam board covered in wrapping paper and stapling biased tape to the back,  I created this hanging door sign.  I love this technique because you can reuse the signs over and over by simply changing out the wrapping paper. You may recognize this foam board used before for my rock-a-bye baby shower and attaching vinyl records. Also a quick tip, when attaching the cards to the sign, use sticky tack so it can be easily removed and the cards can be used again. I personally used double sided tape because I will use this sign over and over.


For the backdrop, I use a photo backdrop like this one and covered it with thrifted fabric. I know it is an investment but when going to set up parties in all different locations, it helps me guarantee I will have clean back drop for my parties. I have used this same back drop for a lot of my parties such as my Vintage Princess Party and Rock-a-Bye baby shower.

Now for the good stuff! No one will ever show you the bad and the ugly, but have no fear I will...

The oh-so-glamorous back side ;) Good thing no one normally sees this.

Using ribbon and bias tape, I simply stapled the monopoly boards and banner together. I recommend sewing the banner if you are wanting to use it over and over. 

Another tip is don't feel the need to put EVERYTHING out on your table. You can always restock. For example I only put out 6 popcorn bags because it looked better than putting out 30 for each kid.

My last tip is to use a printable party pack. Now don't get me wrong I don't think printables work for EVERY party. I don't use them for a lot of my vintage parties. However, if you don't have a lot of time and or decor then I recommend buying a printable party package. I always use Mimi's Dollhouse because she is fast and makes custom packages. All the printables I have used for my recent parties have been custom designs that she now sells in her shop. I simply tell her exactly what I want and she creates it for me in no time! Go check her out at Mimi's Dollhouse.

If you want these exact printables you can purchase them here.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Enjoying The Weekend

For the holiday weekend I am down here in St. George. My cute hubby has to study for the GMAT and in a small town home, it is hard to keep Jaxon away from him so he can study. Jaxon just doesn't understand why he cant climb on him and bang on the computer key board. So... what should a great and supportive wife do? Come to St George.  I know this is such a great sacrifice for me to HAVE to come down and hang by the pool. I mean, really my hubby owes me ;)

I thought when coming down my family would be here, turns out I am alone. This is going to be nice! Here is to a great couple days with me and this stud hanging by the pool and hopefully get caught up on blogging :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Game Night Party

I am SO VERY excited to share with you my "game night" party. This party is one of my favorites because there are so many fun elements anyone can recreate. I am now going to show you the whole party and in another post (here) I will break down detail by detail how I created this party. Yes, I am going to show you all the behind the scenes and share my secrets!

Let's start with the invitation. The invite is the best way to set the theme for the whole party. I had the idea to make the invite look like Monopoly board. However an idea can only get you so far, so lucky for me, I am partnered up with the WONDERFUL Holly from Mimi's Dollhouse, who created this for me. All the printables you will see in this party will be up for sell in her shop here.

When the guest arrived, they found this sign at the top of the birthday girls driveway. I chose to move ahead 12 spaces because she is turning 12. This would be easy to switch up to whatever age the birthday boy/girl is turning.

Learn how to make these chocolate nintendo remote controls with this tutorial.

Learn how to make this card cake stand with this tutorial.

After playing games the kids filled their "goodies" bag and watched the movie Clue. You can get these goodies bags here.

Vendor Credits:

Printables: Mimi's dollhouse
Card and domino cookies: Dicks Market in Centerville Utah
Chocolate Nintendo Remotes: molds by Gygi's (use coupon code bridgeywidgey10 for 10% off)
Candy: Gygi
Goodies Bag: Gygi
Giant Pixi Sticks: Sam's Club

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

This is my first "What I Wore Wednesday" and don't get too excited that this will be happening every week because it wont. I hardly EVER get ready, let alone take pictures of it. Don't get me wrong,  I LOVE fashion but I hate wasting a cute outfit when I am just playing at the park with my son.
 I recently posted a pic on instagram (@bridgetparry) and had some questions as to where I got this outfit, so I thought I would share on my blog.

Maybe I should really post what I look like each week. You would see me with a sock bun "wanna-be," My husbands basketball shorts, a shirt that I have used the corner to wipe my sons runny noise and  acne cream on my face... I know sounds HOT huh?

Anyways, on to what I and my cute boy wore... 

Hot pink jacket: H&M, polk-a-dot shirt: TjMaxx. Pink and gold chain necklace: TjMaxx. Teal skirt: Forever 21

Now to Jaxon... I cant get him to stay still, so this is the best picture I could get. 
Shirt: Thrifted. Red striped clip on tie: Kid 2 Kid (only 3 dollars). Shorts: Kohl's (3 dollars). 
Shoes: Sperry's from 77kids.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Chocolate Nintendo Remote Controls

For every party I decorate, I like the guest to take away a favor that represents the party. When I saw these molds at Orson H. Gygi I KNEW that these old gaming remote controls would be perfect for my "Game Night" party. I seriously stopped in my tracks and said out loud, "heck yes!!!!" I was so excited about these because it brought back so many memories growing up. It wasn't until later I realized this party was for a 12 year old that probably never saw this version of Nintendo... Oh well, the parents loved them and if you love them make sure you go to the bottom of this post for a 10% code for my readers for anything online at Gygi's.

I have done a lot of chocolate molds before, but this is my first time doing different layers of colors. I thought it would take forever and a day to get this done, but with the coolest thing since slice bread, it was super easy. Want to know my secret?

It is these candy writers...

Step 1: Place the candy writers in hot (not boiling) water. 

Step 2: Once the chocolate has softened, wipe it dry and cut off the tip. You want to make sure the candy writer is completely dry. Let's just say water and chocolate doesn't mix well and the chocolate will seize ;) 
What is also great about these writers is when you are done, you can simply put the cap back on and store for a later use. No messy clean up.

Step 3: fill in the mold in the desired areas. You can tap the mold gently on the table to get the chocolate to settle evenly in the mold. Let this harden before you move to step 4.

While you are waiting for step three to harden, melt your chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. I will microwave it for 20 seconds and then stir with a wooden spoon and repeat until it is smooth. For a great tutorial on how to melt your chocolate properly I used Gygi's "20 second rule".

Step 4: Fill your molds with chocolate and let sit at room temperature. (65 degree F. when melting chocolate) 

I know you may be tempted to put them in the freezer or fridge because it will be faster, but you may get a fog on your chocolate called bloom. (see picture below).

I learned about "bloom" the hard way. I couldn't figure out why my chocolate looked weird because it didn't taste different. It wasn't until I read this post about all things chocolate before I figured it out. You can thank me later for saving you some time and avoiding you from "foggy" chocolate ;)

When they are done they should simply fall out of the mold; no need to force them. I have noticed with new molds it will be a little harder but the more you use the mold the easier the chocolate will pop out.

Also don't mix old chocolate with new.... once again learned this the hard way ;)

I use Guittard Chocolate you can buy HERE



This post has been sponsored by  Gygi in exchange for product but all opinions are 100% mine as always!! 

If you would like to buy these molds or ANYTHING at Gygi's make sure you order online and enter in  my code: bridgeywidgey10. This code will give my readers 10% off everything they have online. 

****If you live local you can order online and do in store pick up for free. 

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