Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Conversational Heart Pancakes

First off, Happy Valentines Day!! I cant believe this holiday is here already. I never was a big fan of this holiday until I had a Valentine (my husband) and now it is even better having a kid. I love thinking of fun things to do with Jaxon, not that he understands what is going on, but let's face it, it is more fun for me. This morning we woke up and I made some Conversational Heart Pancakes. Jaxon had a lot of fun drawing on his food. Heck, I think he liked that more than actually eating his food.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cupcake Fondue


For Valentines, I came up with this cute party theme of:  Im "fond"ue of you.

We had cupcake fondue and made Valentines cards to send out to our family and friends. Everyone walked away with a full tummy and a tiny mailbox filled with even more treats. This is a great idea for kids to get involved or just a group of girls. Your choice :)


(scroll down to get fondue recipe)

Cupcake Fondue Recipe: 

*1 bag of white chocolate chips.
*10 regular size marshmallows.
* milk / half and half / or heavy cream until it is the desired consistency you want.

{I added a little coconut milk to give it a little more flavor}


Melt chocolate. Add marshmallows. Once those are dissolved then add the milk, half and half, or heavy cream until you reach the consistency you want.

Then dip away your bite size cupcakes and sprinkle until your heart is content!!

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Monday, January 14, 2013


Today is the last day to purchase one of my Stella and Dot inspired necklace and earring set for 11.99. ALL PROCEEDS are going to victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary. I have decided to donate to this charity and you can read more about it here.  They are selling fast and once they are gone they are gone and I will not be getting anymore. Now is your time to donate to Sandy Hook Elementary and get a stylish necklace and earring set for a great deal. I am excited at the success of it so far and I will post about the donation process once everything is all done.

*** I have already sold out of black and teal

If you want to snag one then you can purchase one here...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

NEW Things

2012 was a year of a lot of NEW things....

I met many NEW friends from blogging and some old friendships grew even stronger! 

(so many amazing, caring, and talented woman... too many in fact to show a picture of them all) 

(TLC Craft Wars party)

 I started a NEW boutique.

Chase got a NEW job as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch.

We moved to a NEW state.....

Moved into our first home. Even though it isn't a new home it is NEW to us. ( I have to stick with the whole "new" years theme )

I am already excited for 2013 as we already know of one NEW thing coming to our family...

That's right I am PREGNANT with baby #2! 

I am 13 weeks pregnant and loving it - well, maybe not loving the moving when pregnant thing. No energy = lots of naps = boxes still needing to be unpacked.

All of us are thrilled.

 Well, Chase and I are... Jaxon is still trying to decide...


... and hey, maybe when my energy kicks in I wont be so lame at this blogging thing as I have been lately :)

Gotta love Jaxons face!

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