Friday, April 25, 2014

Chase's Birthday

Chases birthday was just a couple days ago and we did the usual... go into his office, have cake, then a date night. Jaxon thinks Dad's office is SO fun because we only go in when it's my father in laws birthday or Chase's so there is always food, decorations, and cake. No wonder he always wants to go to work with dad ;) For the date I said, "Chase its your day what do you want to do?" Out of all things he chose a dollar movie and share a popcorn - ha ha, my frugalness ( is that a word) is clearly starting to wear off on him or we just don't get out much.

Chase is pretty easy to shop for but I always tend to get him the same old gift, clothes, ties, or something to do with golfing. So this year I knew exactly what I was looking for when it came to giving him a gift. Now this is purely a selfish gift because I wanted him to organize his section of the closet where he just unloads his pockets. I got him a leather case from Personal Creations that can hold his watches, cuff links, and all those nicknacks in one organized location. This site is great with tons of different gift ideas that you can personalize (great for Mother's Day to **hint hint).

All in all happy 28th birthday Chase!!

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