Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Sweet" 16

My cute niece had her sweet 16 birthday party last weekend. This girl was born when I was in 4th grade. I remember teaching her how to say hi and now she will be saying bye as she drives off in a car. When did this all happen, ahhhhh? I feel so old!!!!!!

Okay Bridget snap out of it, you are only 24...

Okay back to what I was saying, I was planning on decorating the "sweet" 16 chocolate fountain station but due to the flu that had me sick all weekend I was only able to do the cake. With the help of my circuit, gum balls, and some sucker sticks, I created the above cake. Nothing too fancy but I like homemade-looking cakes.


This is my family's Chocolate fountain and we rent it out for parties and weddings. If you are interested in ever renting it out for an event you can contact me here.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

It has been a crazy week with fun projects and a party, that I will post on later, but the thing that has been keeping me away from blogging is the dumb stomach flu. I will keep this short and then go back to bed in hopes to be fully recovered by tomorrow.

The things that made me smile this week for Simple Things Sunday are the following:

*** pictures taken with an Iphone so sorry for the quality.

Walking in the fog with this stud...

Coming home to find that my husband bathed our son and put him to bed...

While dad is away mom and son play....

Jaxon found a girlfriend at the mall. To see them walk around holding hands had to be my #1 highlight of the week.

 Watching the republican debate. Does anyone else find it to be as entertaining as I do?

And last but not least, right before I got sick I got to play some dance central 2 with one of my best  (pregnant) friends and her husband. Why is it so funny to see a pregnant lady drop it like its hot? I think I almost peed my pants laughing so hard...

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Burlap Birthday Wreath: {guest post}

I am so excited today to have my first guest blogger. Jen is one talented lady that I met  through the "blogging world." I love her blog (that she designed herself), her crafts, and the way she writes. Lately She has been my go-to-gal for some great advice on blogging. Please go check out her blog, you wont regret it.

Hi!  My name's Jen and I blog over at Twiddler House.  I was so excited when Bridget asked me to stop by and share my birthday countdown wreath with all of you!  Thanks so much for having me, Bridget!

Since my boys' birthday is so close to Christmas, I'm always trying to come up with ways to make their day feel special - something to set it apart from all the other celebrations going on during the month.

I was inspired by Gallamore West's burlap wreath and decided to put my own little spin on it.  I turned ours into a burlap birthday countdown!

I started by following Laurie's basic wreath instructions (I used pipe insulation for the wreath form - so cheap! - and followed these tips for getting the shape to turn out right.  Thank you, Pinterest!)  Gotta say, it looked pretty sweet all on it's own on the back of our door...

Next, I took a bit of wood (found pre-cut at Hobby Lobby), painted it yellow, and drilled holes in the corners.  I slipped in some thin-gauge wire and curled it up a little at the ends to make it cute.  Then I glued on a little chalkboard and mod-podged on some lettering that I cut out of scarpbook paper using my Silhouette.

I put it all together and attached it to the wreath, to make it look like this...

That's when the real fun started.  Each day leading up to their birthday, I pinned on one balloon and wrote the number of days left on the chalkboard.  (I tied a little ribbon around each balloon, and made sure to pin through the ribbon so the balloon wouldn't be pierced.)  Since their birthday is toward the end of the month, this added up to a colorful, balloon-filled wreath!

I loved seeing the wreath fill up with color, and the boys really got into it with me, keeping track of how many days were left until they turned FIVE!

And the fun didn't stop there.  On the big day, The Old Man and I took off all the balloons, blew them up, and scattered them all over the floor, so that when my boys woke up, they were greeted by a whole room full of birthday balloons!

This was such a hit!  And it was so fun to see the wreath filling up day by day.  This is definitely the new birthday tradition at our house!  And I love that I can vary the colors of the balloons, depending on what the theme is for their birthday each year, just to mix it up a little.

As we were heading out the door for their big party, the boys made me write "0 days" on their countdown wreath. :) They were SO excited to be turning FIVE!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

National Peanut Butter Day

Shut the front door... There is a national day for my favorite treat. Guess what is EVEN BETTER? My husband brought me home this surprise...

I hunted high and low for this at Trader Joe's when I was in California. To my demise, they were sold out. They only sell this wonderful jar of heaven during the holiday season. NOOOO... my hopes were crushed! THEN, what is that... a bird, a plane? No, it's my husband coming to save the day on National Peanut Butter Day with some cookie butter. Thats right, its peanut butter mixed with cookie crumbs. This stuff is divine on waffles!


{quick wipe of the mouth}

Okay back to reality...

Another great secret that I have kept to myself, because, well... I am not sure. Maybe it is because I am ashamed I eat so much of this, or  maybe I don't want it to be sold out when I go to the store. Either way I am sharing it with you now. I purchased this beauty at Smiths, and it is sold year round. Best part is that it is less calories then regular peanut butter.

You can thank me later :)

(Peanut butter mixed with white chocolate)

**** UPDATE (1/26): This just in, I was at Harmons grocery store to buy some Sprit because my stomach has been hurting (thanks to eating all this peanut butter) and guess what I spotted....


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

Simple Things Sunday is back and the things that brought a smile to my face this week was attempting to work out with my son...

Watching how much my son loves his dad...

Getting this new cell phone cover in the mail. (call me materialistic but I squealed when I saw it in the mail box)

 Cooking brownies with my son...

and best of all... Jaxon.  He always brings a smile to my face.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Dessert Bar

Earlier this month my friend, who owns Missionary Munchies, did this party for her missionary who had a welcome home party. I helped with a few small details of this party and the photography was done by Debbie Webber with Posh Photography.

To see more parties click here.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Party Supplies

I have recently received some emails asking where I get my party supplies and as I was thinking I realized I get them EVERYWHERE. You never know at what moment something will inspire you... such as when the horrible wind storm hit Davis county. I cant wait to show you what I used these birch trees for so stay tuned for a "uh-mazing" rustic winter dessert table.

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