Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bed Rest

Sorry it has taken me longer than planned to get back to this blog.  This is my first time back in months and I just reread my last post and bursted into tears. I am BEYOND grateful for my healthy baby. With that said I am going to take the next few posts to play catch up so I can have this all down for personal reasons. I have so much to write that I find myself getting overwhelmed and not writing at all, which is not good. So it will be brief, chances are pretty high that most of this may not even make sense because the lack of comma's and things misspelled. I never said I was a great writer so be patient through this lol

I first off want to say how thankful I am for the overwhelming response I received on my last post. Within 24 hours of posting, I had over 5,000 page views and a ton of emails, texts, fb messages, packages etc. I was so overwhelmed by how kind people are and how willing they were to share their story with me. I am sorry if I have yet to personally write each one of your back, but please know how much it means to me to have all this support. I almost feel guilty. I had people of all different faiths write me to people who have gone through similar situations and it really has helped me through this time of my life.

So as for the quick update, on May 16th I went back to the specialist (this time with my mom) where I was told that my baby looks more developed! I was so excited by this news and for the past two weeks I just prayed and prayed that the brain would develop more to where this Doctor could at least confirm or deny if the cerebellum looked normal. I got the answer I was hoping for and couldn't be more thrilled. Now as far as the other factors with my baby they are still there and I actually have gone into labor and headed into the hospital. When there the specialist didn't inform my OB that he was sending me so the nurses didn't have any paperwork on me nor permission to run any tests so they sent me home. On Monday I got a call from my OB and she sent me directly to the hospital again because she said she got the medical records from my specialist and I was dilated far enough and contracting enough that I need to quickly get back to the hospital to stop my labor. I was 30 weeks. I knew I was laboring so I put myself on bed rest the since Saturday but I didn't think it was this bad. Once I got to the hospital they gave me a bunch of meds and shots in the butt and legs (OUCH) to try and stop my contractions. I then waited and waited. Nothing was working. I quickly called my husband to come and give me a blessing. He then later left to go back home to watch our son. Around 1 am I was given another type of steroid to stop my contractions. This time it was a more intense medication that was given to me in the form of a shot in my leg. The nurse then said she was going on break and would be back later to check on me. I said no problem but immediately after she shut the door it felt like venom running through my body and my body went into shock. I pressed the call button and couldn't speak or say anything but gasp for air. Quickly a number of nurses and Dr's ran into the room. Long story short I had a very bad reaction and I ended up shaking vigorously and i could see and hear the Dr's saying, "Bridget stay with us." I then heard a nurse say my legs were turning blue, to keep me awake, and to call for a EKG. Next thing I knew I was waking up to being undressed and having monitors all over my chest. The nurse said they got a hold of my contact person and let them know my heart and stopped and what my condition was. At this point I am so out of it but I guess my contact person was my mom. I have her number memorized and not my husbands lol... I guess that says something about who I call most. Anyways my mom is in Hawaii and gets this call and is freaking out. She calls my husband who doesn't answer after my mom called 5 times. (turns out he say her call and thought it was a butt dial because it was 2 am) So my mom calls my mother in law and so now she is freaking out and hurries over to my house and with a key gets inside and wakes up Chase to tell him the news. Poor guy, that is not a good way to be woken up. All that was said was Bridget's heart stopped and we need to get to the hospital. He was flipping. By the time he got to me I was okay and had been stabilized. I asked him to stay with me the rest of the time because I was scared. Fast forward and 2 days later I am out of the hospital on meds to stop my contraction and I am on strict bed rest. Fast forward some more and 8 weeks later of sitting in bed I was taken off and able to have my baby.

While on bed rest I had SO many people send me sweet gifts. SO many people take care of my sweet Jaxon and I really got to know my neighbors and ward members through this experience. It was hard. These last few months have been the hardest in my life, but it's through those trials we grow. I have grown so much closer to those around me and my savior. I am so grateful for this opportunity because there is no better way to get to know people REAL fast then having them serve you, do your hair, cook you food and heck, even shower you... (Allie are you reading this lol) I am grateful to my mom and mother in law who helped a lot during this time. I will for ever be appreciative for the love I felt. You never know how many love you until you need them. I was in shock how much support I have received during all of this. Next post will be the birth story.

 My mom teaching me how to keep a medical record book

(sexy I know)

This is for me to show Ashton how much I loved him to get this needle in the butt ;)

Jaxon saying he is going to "fix me all better"

A cute friend bringing over toys for Jax

my baby shower

Going into labor for the 3rd time but not the final time :)

*** I am aware there will be grammatical errors. Don't judge, I am typing fast to get caught up. If I sit and take all this time to proof read I will never get caught up. (yes mom this is for you who corrects all the places I needed a comma)

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