Friday, September 30, 2011

Party Favor Station

Can you believe this:

Used to be this:

I purchased the mini hutch from the D.I. ( local thrift store) for ten dollars and I wallpapered it.

I then made the top banner out of tulle pom pons. I made made the pom pons then stapled them onto ribbon. Then I attached it onto two wooden sticks purchased at Roberts and spray painted grey.

The mini cookie jars were purchased at Ikea and filled with cookie crisp for all the little kids

Letters were created with my cricut and the chicken wire frame you can find the tutorial here (see you can now see how long I have been slowly working on this party

I made the "Milk Mustache" sign on Picnik and the suckers out of white chocolate with a mustache mold.

(I took the picture after some of the Handlebar mustache's were taken)

I made the favor bags but Purchasing a tag off etsy. I also filled the awkward height of the to shelves with cookbooks I had that fit the color scheme.

The big Jar is my moms that she uses for decoration and the smaller mason jar is the one I use in my baby's room here

To see the whole party click HERE.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jaxons photo session part 2

Every photographer talks about that Golden lighting and I happened to be outside when I spotted for the first time what they were talking about. So, I quickly ran in and grabbed some of jaxons props for his party (cause it was all set up in my kitchen) and threw him outside and hoped for the best. He wouldn't stop eating the grass so with a little help from the neighbors and dad I got him to smile.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Milk and Cookies Party

I can't believe this party is over. I feel as if it has been on my mind before he was even born... oh wait it was. I remember seeing a cookie monster cake at Harmons when I was pregnant and thought that would be a cute theme to do if I had a boy. Well I had a boy and his party went from cookie monster to Dr. Seuss back to cookies but with out the monster part. I did a take on a vintage/retro style of cookies and milk. I went to a lot of work building part of his decor, hunting out certain vintage things I wanted, and baking. So for the next while I will break down his party on what I did and how I did it, so stay tuned, but for now I am going to give you photos of the overall decor. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I held the party at a park and set up different stations around to fill up the space. This helps getting 50 plus people moving around so it didn't seem as crowded. We had the Milk Station, Play station, Looking back station, Main table, and the Party favor station.

*** I was so busy the whole party and I took a lot of pictures but it wasn't until I got home that when I was using one of my lens that all my pictures were WAY over exposed so sorry about the quality of some of them.

The invitation:

The Main Table:

(to see more details about the main table click here)

The Party Favor Station:

Milk Mustache molds purchased from Orson Gygi. My readers get 10% off everything in their online store. If you are local in Utah you can also do in store pick up. Enter BRIDGEYWIDGEY10 for your 10% off.

Cookie crisp and chocolate chips

"So sweet of you to come" party favor bags.

(to see how I made the hutch click here)

The Milk Station:

(to see how I made the banner click here)


The Look Back in Time Station:

Photos with the bear from 1 week to 12 months old.

(to see how I made the picture frame click here)

The cake:
(I love how his tie matches the banner)

The Play Area:

 Jump house

 A tunnel

A bubble machine

Ballons seemed to be my kids favorite... So you are telling me I didn't have to bake 10 different kinds of cookies lol

Oh and a little healthy snack so the kids didn't pass out from a sugar high :)

Vendor Credit:
Invitation: Dimple Prints
Vintage Milk Bottles: Bake it Pretty
Paper straws: Gygi's
Mustache molds: Gygi's

My readers get 10% off everything in Orson Gygi's  online store. If you are local in Utah you can also do in store pick up. Enter BRIDGEYWIDGEY10 for your 10% off.

*** To see more of my parties click on the  party tab at the top of my blog.

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