Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Chrismas at the Parry house....

I have some traditions that are fun for our family and I was telling my mom what we do and she said I should blog it incase anyone else would like to do these to.... so here it goes...

I get plain white butcher paper and have the kids color and make their own wrapping paper to wrap their gifts to each other. We go to the 99cent store and each parent takes a kid and they pick out a gift for the other with their own money. Some day i am sure the 99c store isn't going to cut it, but until then its cheap and gets them thinking of each other instead of themselves. 

watch a video of them opening their gifts to each other HERE.

When the kids woke up I told them to go outside and see what Santa did. Earlier Jaxon asked Santa for snow and I didn't think much of it until Christmas eve when I to was feeling homesick of my family and Utah Christmas's so I did the best I could to create a perfect winter wonderland with snowballs and snow shields. It was FREEZING at 7:00 when they woke up so it felt like the real deal minus the wetness that actual snow brings.


(sorry to lazy to edit these pics and brighten them up before i uploaded them. I am on limited time as my 2 year old has decided he doesn't nap anymore)

using cardboard, spray paint, and fake glitter snow I was able to create these shields. 

All snowflakes were purchased at the 99 cent store. Most white fabric was already mine but you can use white plastic table clothes also from the 99 cent store. 

 Next we open stockings and then eat breakfast. Who knew halloween pretzels from their halloween loot could bring such a reaction lol

Rudolph pancakes for the boys. 

 I gave the sister missionaries in our ward stockings filled with a bunch of my favorite things for Christmas. When they came to pick them up they later disclosed they didn't have a fire place to hang them by. So i crafted up with crap-o-la I had laying around the house. Pretty well no, but is it funny? Yes! yes it is.

After we had our little family Christmas we went to my inlays to celebrate with them.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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