Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sprinkle Baby Shower: DIY CUPCAKE BAR

I know the "sprinkle" or baby "shower" theme has been done a million times, so I wanted to do a little twist on that concept. I love that concept, don't get me wrong, but I had an idea to use the sprinkle in the form of the kind you sprinkle on top of cakes and in this case cupcakes :)

I chose to have a interactive dessert bar where the guests picked their flavor of cupcakes, their filling, frosting, and topping to create their custom cupcake. This was a perfect activity to get people socializing and interacting.  I HIGHLY recommend doing something like this if you are choosing to opt out games as the activity. 

I chose the color scheme off a 1 dollar shower curtain I purchased from a thrift store and used it as my table cloth.  Since the girls and I who threw the party were on a budget I just looked around from previous parties what I had and I was able to grab things from a bunch of old parties to create this whole look. I love when I am able to reuse things :)

The invitation and all the printables, by Mimi's dollhouse.

Sprinkle Letters and banner I made with wood from The Wood Connection

using these bottles we inserted the cream


2. Filling (I used bavarian cream and raspberry filling from Orson gygi) 
3. Cupcake plunger to remove the center
4. Frosting and sprinkles.

Sprinkles Party favors:

Sponsors For This Party: 

Mimi's Dollhouse: Printables
Orson Gygi: cupcake plunger, sprinkles, filling, cupcake liners
Dicks Market: cupcakes and frosting 

Sprinkle Letters and banner I made with wood from The Wood Connection

Remember to enter in BRIDGEYWIDGEY10 for 10% off your next purchase at Gygi's


  1. Good grief you are creative! Love this idea!

  2. this is so darling! i hope i have a cute friend to throw me a cupcake shower someday!

  3. I'm with LeiShell above, you are so creative! What a cool idea! And I love all the extra details you did, so cool!

  4. Oh my gosh, please come to Utah and plan one of my parties for me! You are so talented!


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