Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Oh Honey"

My husband knows I enjoy blogging but he doesn't understand why I take pictures of my cooking etc (honestly, I don't know why I do either but I can think of much worse hobbies to dabble in then cooking and crafting) So, while I was away he called me and asked me to hurry home. I knew something was up so when I got home and to my surprise I had a home cooked meal presented by the one and only, my husband. Now, as if that wasn't great it gets even better . . . I then went to upload my pictures to my computer and I found the pictures below. I was dying with laughter. After I composed myself I asked him to walk me through the pictures he took.

I still cant stop laughing . . .

okay . . . .

Chase: "the key ingredient is store bought BBQ sauce"

 "Then you cut your bacon"

(I love how he took a picture with scissors as if you don't know what to use to cut something open)
 "Then you make store bought potatoes."

 "Bake your cornbread" (he used a mix)

 "Grill your one piece of bacon and chicken"

 "Take a picture of yourself while it is cooking"

"brush on that key ingredient."

"Pour frozen apple juice in a glass jar."

 This is my favorite picture I found on my camera. When I asked him what this was he said it was how to make a paper towel into 2 napkins. WE both fell to the ground laughing

 Only a guy would set a table like this :)

I am one luky girl. love you babe.


  1. That is so cute and funny! I love your blog!!

  2. Ha ha ha I love it! love the name of your blog too my dear.... Takes me back to the good days when I would toss you in the air during cheer... My little bridgy widgy!
    Love, Meg

  3. that is too funny. but why is there a giant spoon in the apple juice?? haha

  4. my kind of man! way to go chase!


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