Monday, May 16, 2011

Shopper's Envy

I know I am not the only one this happens to so don't act like you haven't thought of "clothes-lining" someone to get to that pair of shoes first. . . . (okay maybe it's just me at TJMAXX and Homegoods)

I hate when I go shopping and I see someone buying the last item and it's something I REALLY want.  OR when you both start at one end of the isle and you are rushing to shuffle through the clothes in order to hopefully look at each item before your "opponent" does.

Well, this happened to me the other day when I was at Homegoods. I have been a little M.I.A. from blog land for a while because I have been redecorating my office. That's right MY office. Before my husband and I shared this space but now that he is done with school and has his own office at work I can now take down all his plastic medals from winning dodge ball on our cruise and claim what is rightfully mine. . . (Que evil laugh . . . . BWUAAAAAAHHHHAAAA)

OKAY back to the point, when I walked into Homegoods I saw this amazing chair. It had wheels and was the perfect colors for what I dreamed my office/craft room to look like. Then I glanced again, NOOOOOOOO there is a "still shopping" sticky note on it. So, I waited and waited hoping this shopper wasn't going to claim it.

They did. . . tear :(

Here is what the chair looked like. (don't think I wasn't going to take a picture of what could of been)


  1. WHAAATTTT that chair is amazing...I would have hid the note...felt guilty about it later after I was sitting on my fab new chair.
    If you see one again call me asap!

  2. that is an awesome chair! i'm sad for you.

  3. Oh my...that chair is wonderland! I saw one at T.J. Maxx in bountiful a couple months ago that was shaped the same, different colors different pattern but was sooo cute!

  4. Bridge, is this your new blog? Do you still use your other one? I need to add this one to my list!

    It looks so cute. let me know if you need help with the header or design or anything. xo


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