Monday, October 10, 2011

How To Hang A Banner

I am going to post "The Main Table" into sections or else it will be overload of information because as you can see by my son's birthday party I have a hard time editing down.

Let's start with the birthday banner.

I first purchased this tie at Raspberry Days in Bear Lake before he was born. I later found the banner off etsy and had to have it.

So the whole theme was centered around one tie. :) The only problem was the tie was only cute with the banner and I had no where to hang it when my location changed from indoors to outdoors. So I went to home depot with a hope and a prayer and wondered around for a while until I figured it out...

1. screw eyes
2. two wooden dowels
3. screw in the screw eye and wahla! A place to hang my banner.

To see all of the party click HERE


  1. This turned out so good! You're so creative! I love all the updates with everything you did. Keep them coming!

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