Monday, October 3, 2011

The Look Back in Time Station.

This isn't anything special but I am still going to share it. It always helps to know as far in advance as you can what theme you are going to do for a party and what you exactly want. I knew I wanted to have  a station of all Jaxon's pictures from 1 week to 12 months so when I found this at a garage sale I got it for 5 dollars. Primed, painted, and added my 8x10 pictures. This will be a tradition I will have at all my kids 1st birthday.

It was windy and kept falling over and the pictures would fall out so luckily I did add the glass to it or we could of had even more problems. After propping it up it I just prayed a little kid wouldn't knock it over. (this was just an added stress I didn't see coming when I was setting up)


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