Friday, December 23, 2011

Adult Christmas Dinner

Every year my family does an adult dinner. No, not that type of an adult dinner but one with no kids allowed, except for the siblings I have that act like kids when we all get together ;)

Every year there is a theme and this year it was pajamas. I was all over that with my heart pj's! We had an amazing meal that started with "sprit-a-noggies" (sprit 7up and eggnog mixed) and ended with a crepe bar. We had our traditional white elephant gift exchange where I walked away with some flamingos and my brother with a jockstrap with suspenders, because that is totally normal. (I will spare you the picture of that)

 Then my favorite part was the after party when most my family left. We had a half naked dancer come and entertain us... (PLEASE see pictures below to explain)

THE ENTERTAINMENT! (geese, what did you think I was talking about, we keep it "G" rated in my family)



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