Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vintage Revivals Epic Room Makeover!

You know my adorable, creative, hilarious friend Mandi from Vintage Revivals... The one I threw a TLC Craft Wars Party for?...

OH good you remember...

Okay, well GUESS WHAT! she is doing a EPIC ROOM MAKE OVER... I am super bummed I cant enter since I literally don't have a place to call my own, but since I cant enter I would LOVE if one of my readers won her contest. She is going to COMPLETELY redo one persons room of their choice. There are lots of ways to enter so you HAVE to go check it out...  she also posted pictures of last years winners before and after. Seriously GO now and check out her blog, it is like a DIY Pinterest board all in one amazing site!

Go Check it out HERE

Vintage Revivals-Epic-Room-Makeover-Vertical


  1. 2 things. I tried to comment on your post yesterday but it wouldn't let me! I am sad about you moving! I hope that you will go to Snap again because it was really fun to meet you there! I will never forget when you said Bridgey Widgey. That name sticks! 2nd thing. I am entered in for the Epic Room Makeover! Mine is called Epic Episode of Cribs. My Epic Fail. (something like that!) I need to win, so you can vote for me!


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