Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have found an amazing place to buy the best peaches you will have ever tasted. Downside is the certain batch of peaches that are my fav only come for 2 weeks in the year. Luckily they still have other kinds that are close to comparison.

If you live down in Orem you are in luck. I drove 30 minutes just to get these fine pieces of fruit.

The address is:

Pyne Farm
696 E 200 N. Orem

T,W, F: 12-6
Sat 1-5

10 dollars for a box and 5 for a basket. Hurry though if you want peaches they will only have them for another 2 weeks before their harvest is up.


 It is family owned and they sell them in the grandpa's back yard right next to the actual orchard. They also have tomatoes and pears.

They were so nice to let me take pictures and to go pick a pear right off the tree. Why I found that so cool I don't know but it was. Oh and their neighbor complemented me on my modest shorts and asked where he could get some... weird yes but I will take any compliment :)


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