Thursday, September 15, 2011

Words to Live by part 2

As women I think we all try to be super mom/woman. We try to do it all and have it all. I have recently had a hard time adjusting to being a mom to a more active baby (almost one so I am going to call him baby as much as I can). I just can't seem to get all the things I wish to get done in a day and I tend to be hard on myself. I try to have the house cleaned, laundry put away, dinner on the table, my baby dressed all cute and me trying to follow the latest trends and looking at least put together. Oh and of course keep up to date on my blogs and decorating all my parties. Let's face it, I usually am wearing my husbands basketball shorts and my hair is in a high bun. My kid is usually in just a shirt with food crusted on his face and he is off dumping out all my hair products out of the cabinet. The aroma of burnt soup is filling my house and I cant get to the stove in time because I am tripping over dirty laundry. As I tripped down my stairs and decided not to get up but rather lay there and have tears stream down my face I wondered why I feel like I have to be perfect and what exactly IS perfect anyways?

(p.s. Don't mind the Tampax box lol)

I don't know when I am just going to have to sit back and realize I can't have it ALL. I wonder when I am going to stop trying to compete with the "Jones." Even though I don't do this intentionally I am always comparing myself to other women I meet. "Oh they have 4 kids and can do this or that and I can't with just 1." I look on pinterest and see all the things I want to create but cant or how I want to dress but don't have the body or money for it. I see other blogs and see how many followers they have or how in the world do they have time to make their blog as great as it is and I tend to compare. In the end this is only hurting me and I know I am not alone in this. I bet most if not all women have a problem with this in some aspect of their lives.

So, in my quest to be happy and satisfied with what I can accomplish in a day I have found some inspiration from the following quotes:

Some think that there is something more important they should be doing, as if righteous living or parenthood is not sufficiently spectacular. 
- Neal A. Maxwell

All sayings can be found on my Pinterest


  1. That quote by Sis. Hinckley is honestly just what I needed to read today. Thank you for such an honest post. And don't be so hard on yourself--you're everything you're supposed to be right now. Thanks again!

  2. Bridget you are doing great. Don't ever compare yourself to anyone. You are doing awesome. Just compare your current self to your past self...have you grown, have you learned, have your priorities changed. From what you have told me you have. Love you!

  3. Are you kidding me Bridge? 1st off, I love what Celeste wrote, I diddo that. Cause I would much rather be who I am today than I was 10 yrs ago! Although I would like to be 30 lbs skinnier! Haha Anyway, girl... You are amazing. I know how you feel. But I check your blog everyday because you are so talented and creative. I have a whole new love for cooking ALL because of you and your quick easy recipes you post on here. And you are my "Jones!" I wish I was as creative as you. I don't know how you do it all... I hope you know how amazing you are. You have grown up into such a beautiful woman and mother. love ya girl!

  4. Love this post.

    It is real & it is you. You are amazing! Some days my biggest accomplishment is just playing with Davis & brushing my teeth. And you know what... that's okay!

    Remember that long talk we had a few weeks ago. Don't ever forget that! Love you Bridgey Widgey


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