Thursday, February 9, 2012

My son's Tv Appearance

It is no secret at my home how much I love a local TV show called Studio 5. After talking to one of the hosts of Studio 5 at a runway show my husband was in,  I decided to start this blog. So I guess I have a lot to thank them for. Anyways, watching Studio 5 is a daily thing at my house and my cute son has grown up listening to their theme music. It doesn't matter if he is upstairs, in the middle of playing with toys, or throwing a tantrum, he will stop and dance to their music. I Finally caught it on camera and had to share it on their Facebook page. Little did I know that this was going to make it on air the next day. As Jaxon was dancing to the theme music once again, I look up to see my kid on the TV. He is just so cute, yes I am biased because I am his mom, but you have to check out his noodle arm dance move!

This is the original video:

This is him on TV:


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