Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tea Towel Apron

I made this apron for Eryka, who I was paired up with for a blogger exchange. This apron took me, who is not the best sewer, about an hour to create. I love the simplicity of it and best of all it is made out of a towel so you can wipe your hands on it rather than your jeans.

So here we go...

 1. Grab a tea towel and a half yard of matching fabric.

2. Cut off about 8" of fabric to create two 4 inch strips.

3.Using about 1/4" to 1/2" seam, sew right sides together of both strips and turn it right side out. This will give you one long strip to be the tie at the top of the apron.

4. Next finish off the edges of the strap.

5. Fold your tea towel in half and sew the strap across the top of the tea towel.

6. Sew down the sides of the tea towel to close it up. Make sure you leave the bottom open to attach your ruffle.

you need:
-One 5 ½” x 33 ½” piece for the ruffle

Sew about 1/2 inch in to finish off the edges.

7. Sew your ruffle. I just bunch the fabric as I sewed it. I know there are other ways but this is how I did it since it was the only way I knew how :)

8. Next attach the ruffle to the bottom of the tea towel and sew together.

Like Lightening McQueen from Cars would say, "ca-chow." 
You are done.

Here is my whole gift package I sent:

What I got in the blogger exchange from the cute Eryka at ABCDE blog.


  1. I love my apron. It is the cutest ever!!!! Thanks again!!


  2. This is so cute! I need to learn how to sew!!

  3. Have an old lace curtain,sewers hold onto scrapes of material, that can be used for this apron.


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