Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love yourself.

This was a Valentines Spa party that was held at my parents house. I have 2 sisters, 5 sister-in-laws, and 12 nieces and it was a party for girls only. We had someone come to do our nails and my sister waxed everyones' eyebrows. I did all the food and decor and it was a blast.

The menu:
Pesto Provolone sandwiches
Love Potion No. 9 (tomato basil soup)
Spinach cranberry salad
Cake balls
Cake bites
Lots of candy
Chocolate covered oreos
Chocolate covered marshmallows
and a lot more sweets!

*** Recipes for my food will come in later posts

Pesto Provolone Sandwiches

Chocolate covered marshmallows

Banner made with my Cricut

Cake Pops
Cake Bites

Party favors: Bath and Body soap, gum, and Jewlery

Getting my eyebrows dyed and waxed. This is my mom and I laughing really hard cause someone said act like you are being waxed and my mom thought they said "axed" so she pretended to be dead but we just started laughing before the picture was captured

Getting our nails done

Making the pesto sandwiches


  1. how fun!! Yay!! so glad you started a blog!! i love it!! cake pops are by far the most amazing things on earth.

  2. Bridget, you are so stinking CUTE! I love your ideas and all the fun photos. The "getting axed" one is by far my favorite. :o) Your mom is the best. xoxo


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