Friday, February 25, 2011

sweater pillows

      My husband has a lot of clothes he doesn't ever wear and they are taking up my part of the closet. So a quick fix was to simply get rid of them; however if you know me there is one BIG problem with that, I hate throwing stuff away. (yes, I'm that girl at a party or shower asking to take home the tissue paper from the presents) After taking inventory of his sweaters I decided to reuse some of them. I am going to show you my favorite polo sweater he had that I thought would make an amazing pillow (or three) that runs up to thirty dollars at pottery barn.

    This Pillow is very easy to make. Trust me or else I would have not attempted. (I AM NOT A SEWER)

Step 1:
Find a sweater:

Step 2:
Then grab your pillow filler (you can use an insert or the filling). This fabric is very forgiving and will stretch out so make sure to cut it so there is only a little room for the pillow to fit.

Step 3:
Cut across the top. 
**Tip** If you can try to get a pillow to fit the sides of the sweater so you only have to sew the top and bottom of the sweater to fit your pillow form.

Step 4:
Turn the sweater inside out and sew one end completely. Then sew the edges of the other side leaving the center open. Go very slowly and you may have to manual sew it over the thicker parts of the fabric.
**tip** using this thick of fabric you may bend a needle... or two (not that I would know from personal experience or anything :) See, I told you I struggle with sewing.

Step 5:
Pin the edges so they match up and then hand stitch the sweater closed.


I also cut up the sleeves to make another pillow but this involved sewing all four sides. Then I used the cuffs to make candle warmers. Wait, what? yep candle warmers. (I put these on electric candles) I think this idea would be best for Christmas time or v-day with a red ribbon.

not sure if I like the grey better or the green... or either of them to be honest.

If you dont want to make one you can buy one HERE.


  1. Cute! Love this idea. I love trying to find new ways to use useless things and make it into something cute and new. Thanks for the tip dearie. :)

  2. Look at you bridget! Such a cute idea, I love it! And by the way I love your hair, I might want to try that color melting process you were talking about fb.

  3. I'm trying to do this for Christmas! Love how yours came out - and we had the same idea about using the sleeve for candle decor : ) Love it!


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