Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mallow Brownies

Oh gosh if you want THE BEST brownie recipe then read on...okay maybe since I made up this recipe I think it's the best.

I made up this recipe because when I WAS, yes was allergic to gluten ( more about that later in a post) I was craving brownies so I made the gluten free kind but they just aren't the same so I decided to mix it up. I looked in my pantry and I found some Nutella and marshmallow cream so I experimented and I loved the results but since Im making these for a friend of mine I decided to make it with the regular box of brownie mix and THEY ARE SO MUCH BETTER.


1 box of fudge brownie mix
1/4 cup Nutella spread
1/2 marshmallow cream
and enough marshmallows to cover the top of the brownies

Mix brownie mix according to directions
then add the Nutella
then slowly add the marshmallow cream

I use a 8X8  greased pan so they are thinker and cook it for 50 mins.  (or continue to follow the baking directions on the box)

after the 50 minutes are up spread marshmallows on top and put in the oven again but this time put it on the top rack and turn on the broiler to give the marshmallows a little color of brown. MAKE sure to watch it constantly because they will brown up fast.

 I love this part of the brownies because it gives me a little crunch to the chewy gooey brownies and makes me feel like I roasted them over a fire.

Next up enjoy... BEWARE you cant just have one so my TIP is mix it by hand not with a mixer that way you can burn maybe an extra calorie or 2 :)   Hey, every calorie counts!


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