Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I know I have been behind on posting any projects on my blog. So you may ask what have I been doing? Well, this is it....


Summer can be crazy. . . or I have just been lazy. . . not sure which one to pick, I'm too lazy to decide :) Well I have done a couple fun projects but I am finding as my baby now is very mobile I am limited on my crafting. I get two 2 hour naps and that is when I also have to be cleaning so blogging has been slacking. ( I love how I am apologizing to all of my 37 followers, ha . . . there needs to be a sarcasm font. Hey, while on this subject, if you like what you read please become a follower and no you will not get emails in your inbox)

 So far I have done 2 parties, refurbished 3 pieces of furniture, my office is done, well as done as my budget will allow. Made a chicken wire frame, decorations for Jaxon's party (yes in Sept.), and a chalk board sign.  So, my point is, I will get back to posting pics asap.

 Another reason for my slacking is because of all the fun summer activities. One of which was my family reunion where I get to see this cute cousin who has THIS amazing blog.

At the family reunion it is a must to have homemade root beer from my uncle.

We also always have it at my parents who have a awesome ice cream machine and my mom made these cute cones and placed them on sugar so they wouldn't stick if they started melting. Plus it made the display that much better.

I also had my 24th birthday

We got a new computer, so transferring all my photos has taken a long time.
Does that recipe look familiar :)

Taking care of this boy...

Shopping with my boys at home depot for stuff for my future projects. (hopefully they are in the near future)

Best of all is vacationing in California


  1. so i'm on that exact same computer, looking at your picture of your new computer! they're the same! that was weird haha.


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