Monday, August 1, 2011



  I am now officially "just" a stay at home mom. I love when people ask you what do you do or why are you quiting your job and then they say oh "just a mom." This is a full time job baby. I have taken on this roll head on. I am on a mission to make money through other venues one of which is by saving money on what I spend the most money on each month: parties FOOD.

   I watch the TLC show Extreme Couponing and I know I will never take that much time or go to that extreme but I have found that taking one hour before my shopping trip saves me a lot of money. I have recently found a few tips that you may already know or may not so I thought I would share.

   First one is if you have a smart phone or Iphone you MUST get this free app. It is called Coupons Sherpa
It will give you a list of stores that have online coupons they can scan right from your phone or get the promotion code. I know I am not the only one who forgets to take the store coupons when heading out the door and when you get to your destination you say, "aw crap." The have all kinds of stores from office max to Express at the mall. Speaking of Express, the other day I went there and bought 2 pairs of pants and thought I am going to check if there is any promotion going on and sure enough my phone had a 25 dollars off a purchase of 75 dollars. BAM right then and their they scanned my phone and I was so gitty. Another thing is bath and body works was giving away with no purchase necessary a free bottle of lotion and of course I forgot my print out. I just showed them my phone and now my legs are nice and moisturized :)

 OKAY so now to food. I found this cool website that you can type in your grocery list and your area code and it will tell you where each item is on sale and the price. Then I will print that and take it to Wal-Mart and it makes coupon matching a lot easier. The website also will link you to other coupons such as the website is called

I love this blog and I signed up for her daily emails on coupons and that also helps a lot. Go check it out.

NOW I recently learned a few things about one of my favorite store TARGET. I had no idea the also do price matching. I just read THIS article all about how to save money at Target and I HIGHLY recommend reading it if you shop there frequently. The best thing I took from the article is they have online coupons (which Wal-mart will accept) but you can print them at the store so you don't have to waist your ink and paper.


  1. I also recently got into couponing (which I also blogged about), but a site worth checking out is: Happy couponing!


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