Friday, August 19, 2011

White-Trash Party

For my brothers 40th surprise party we had a White-Trash theme. It is a running joke in my family that we are the White-Trash of our neighborhood where we grew up because my dad owned a few mobile home companies and now the birthday boy Burke owns them. It was a perfect theme and executed to perfection. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A MORMON FRIENDLY PARTY.  That means there was NO BEER and NO CIGARETTES, it was good old fashion root beer and gum.

This party was all about the details. It was hard to make it look cute when you were only using trash to decorate but at the same time every where you looked you couldn't help but laugh.


A lot of thrift store stuff, paper doilies, ugly chirstmas decorations and over sized underwear.

table covered in newspaper and duct taped down. Trash flowers for center pieces

you gotta have some spam for a white-trash party

Bubble Gum Smokes.  Notice the labels are written on duct tape

Photoshopped pictures of my family with mullets

The banner had everything from flame pedant flags to egg cartons. Basically anything trashy or you could buy at a thrift store you could say it was on this banner.

There was a whole section of wind chimes.


nothing but the best serving dishes :)

you gotta have cheese wiz

 Anyone care for some salad out of a toilet seat?

Tater Salad (potato salad)

Some fried chicken

We also had corn on the cob cooked in ghetto coolers. (sorry forgot to take a pic)

Now who in the right mind would attend such a classy event?

My sister hold a picture of her husband that was photoshopped

I am embarrassed to say but yes, this is me.

only my husband can look cute as white trash.

 my brother 

This is going to be my next christmas card.

(once again to clarify this is gum and root beer)

Even though this was an adult only party my baby fit right in.

This is his new face he does... normally not so cute but it works great for a white-trash party :)


Twinky eating contest

The winner

1st place won a bowling ball with flowers and 2nd place won some poor kids trophy that his mom probably gave to the thrift store with out him knowing.

Also for entertainment there was swimming and a belly flop contest.

 The winner for this contest receive either spam or press on nails.


(Earlene is my mother's name)

Doesn't these photos make you want to be in my family :) I sure do love these people! 

***To see more parties click on the Let's Party tab on the top of my blog.


  1. LOVE IT!! Your blog looks so cute and the party looks like it was a blast! I couldn't even tell that was you! You're right only Chase could look non-white trash!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!! I WANT TO BE IN YOUR FAMILY!!! so fun!

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