Friday, August 5, 2011

S'more Station

My neighbors invited us to a last minute BBQ so I only had a hour or so to pull this together. It turned out cute and simple. I will show you pictures of the S'more Station and some other ideas (if I had time) I think would of been cute to add.

(to see how to make this S'more sign click HERE

All different types of chocolate graham crackers.

The S'more Station was a big hit.

(I promise there were some adults there ;) )

(Don't mind my hair I found myself stuck in a rainstorm earlier that day)

My hubby likes to add a brownie in his instead of the chocolate. So My neighbor brought over some amazing Texas Sheet Cake to add to my S'more Station.

Now don't those look good... mmmmm

Some more fun items that would of been cute to add to the S'more Station if you had more time to plan would be these yummy treats I found via Pinterest.

THIS S'more popcorn. (so easy yet looks really cute... kinda bum I didn't see this earlier because I had all the ingredients)

THESE S'more bars... mmmm

THESE S'mores in a jar

And if you don't know I have a kind of obsession with Nutella right now so THESE would just take me over the moon with joy! I seriously am salivating as I look at this picture.

oh and do you remember THESE Rolo Cookies... They would be delish with a mallow stuck between them.


  1. What a darling idea Bridget! Love it.

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