Friday, March 25, 2011

Bead Board Wall/baby room

A lot of people do half their walls with bead board in rooms, bathrooms etc but my wall was 10 feet high and it would make the wall look shorter than it really is. 4 ft didn't look right so I decided to just go for it and do the whole wall. We added bead board purchased from home depot. It took 2 1/2 sheets of bead board and then on the top we added 1 inch molding to polish off the look. After painting it sage green we then stained it in sections.

Then antiqued it with a brown glaze

Then we decorated it for my little boy!
one half of the room
The letters were painted or modge pods but my favorite is the big button for the O and the X is brass. all the letters have different texture and shape! love it

one side of the room

The other wall.
the changing table looked like this before.
and the other side of the room with a few vintage sport frames from hobby lobby

my favorite vintage sports piece in the room is the light switch and of course the actual vintage baseballs in the mason jar above the baskets

I already had this piece of furniture and I just bought the chalk board signs at pottery barn then with vinyl I made the sayings.


  1. Love the bead board with the name, such a cute name hopefully one day I'll have a baby boy named Jackson :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Bridget, you have just solved a wall dilemma that has been driving me crazy for over a year. I have a large wall of paneling in my apt that I'm not allowed to paint. I'm thinking if I get a thin luan(sp)board and either faux paint the bead board look or use my router to create the real thing, I can just cover it all up! The luan wouldn't be as expensive as real bead board which is important as this is a very long wall. Oh but I'm so excited now and will be pricing at Lowe's and HomeDepot on Friday! Thank you . . . Thank you . . . Thank you for the inspiring thoughts! And this is why I love blogging and blog party/hops! : )

  3. Hi Bridget! Could you possible tell me where you found that wonderful jar for the baseballs? My son has a collection of homerun baseballs from his high school days and I would love to get him a couple. Adorable room!!!!

    Nancy Norin

    1. Hi Nancy, I bought it at hobby lobby but i saw target had some similar in their kitchen organizing section

  4. What brand is your changing table? I have been trying to find a dresser-style one with beadboard. It is next to impossible! :(

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I dont usually add comments to posts but this is wonderful, really,
    How did you antique it with what glaze? I just love the beadboard covering the whole wall, Ive been looking at these exact color scheme even the rug color so you have given me great ideas!

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