Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Give a Road Trip

For Christmas my mom gave each kid a "road trip." Here is what the gift included and looked like:

1. Hiking backpack that all the gifts came inside: Attached, like a luggage tag was the code to get into the gate, the address, and phone number of the new location.

2. Post Cards: to send from your destination to someone back home.

3. Tooth Brush: to leave at the new place.

4.Tourist locations: brochures of places you can visit when you are at your destination.

5. A whistle and compass: to take on your hikes through the red rocks of St. George (you can put something that is fitting for your destination)

6. iTunes gift card: so the kids can download a play list of songs and games to their devices to keep them entertained on the ride down.

7. Garage door opener and key: to the house so anyone of my family members can get in.

8.Flash light: always good to have in a car.

9. Gas Card: So you can get to and from your destination for free.

10. Chap stick: my mom said it is because we ALL talk so much that our lips will get chapped... I think she just found a good deal on them so she threw it in.

11.Snacks: for the car ride- (not in picture) she also gave each person their favorite candy in their bag to enjoy on the ride to and from.

12. Fast Food Gift Card: everyone needs to eat at some point right. So there was a gift card for each one in your family (3 for me).

This was such a thoughtful Christmas gift and my parents did it because all 8 children have different incomes and she didn't want anyone feeling like they couldn't go down to their home because of money restrictions so they provided everything (besides the car) that we would need to get down and back a couple times for free. Thanks mom and dad!

I found some other great ideas for road trips:

1. This cute blog restlessrisa has some great ideas that is tailored towards kids.

2. The Dating Diva's have a wonderful idea for you and your kids or spouse to keep you entertained. I am definitely using these next time I go on a road trip.

3. My all time favorite idea and I WILL do when my kids are older is this cute idea. Each kid get a clip and if they are good it stays up but if they are bad it comes down and they miss out on the next fun activity with the family and that could be anything from stopping for a treat at the gas station or having more time on the iPad

Pinned Image

4. Now when you do have stop for gas or a pee break this is what I wish I was wearing... Instead I usually look like a homeless person crossed between someone who stuck their finger in a light socket as I am waddling to the public restroom.

Pinned Image



  1. Your mom is thoughtful...and BRILLIANT! Yay for such awesome gifts! :)

  2. Haha! Ledges postcards designed by Todd. That was funny to see those in there.


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