Sunday, January 15, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

Walking around St. George today with my favorite little man.

Simple Things Sundays is a new thing I will be doing on this blog each Sunday.  I am going to pick something that  represents the simple joys that made me happy and smile this week. If you want to join with me then come right along. I will be linking up with the creator of Simple Things Sunday here:



  1. I LOVE this shot so much Bridget and I love that you're joining in the simple things!! YAY!! So excited to have ya. :) Look forward to stopping by your blog many more times throughout 2012!! PS. I featured your cute photo on my FB page, come snag a featured button if ya want. :) Have a great week! Rebecca

  2. beautiful pic!!! I only leave comments when I mean them, so I can say this is truly lovely...
    greetings from mexico,

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