Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tangled Party

I have had a reader of my blog ask me for ideas for a Tangled birthday party and I thought I would share with everyone some ideas I have come up with and or found via the good old Internet.

I personally don't LOVE this invite, BUT it is free and I would rather spend my money on the actual party. Click here to download and to view the printable invite.

You could make a banner out of these or just have them taped around the house with good old masking tape. I like the look of having the tape exposed.

Another banner idea is just to make a banner out of yellow yarn or fabric and drape it so it looks like Rapunzel's hair.

(image found via pinterest)
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* For a different more vintage style twist on the party I think doing a fabric garland out of different yellow fabrics would be cute.
(image via Pinterest)
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If I was doing the display I think it would be really cute to display the cake on a skillet pan as the cake stand since that is Rapunzel's weapon of choice. Heck, display all the food in some way in skillets.


*You could color these Tangled coloring pages since Rapunzel loves to paint.

* Or for a more expensive (but more fun) route you could buy small canvas and have each kid paint on them

* You could play pin the hair on Rapunzel.
* You could play pin the nose on Flynn Ryder's face. (since they never seemed to get it right ;) )


I love the idea giving out a mini hair brush tied with yellow yarn with a cute tag would be perfect for the theme.
 - If you are ever in a "Tangle."

* or make these out of yarn and mini tiaras: (you know the little girls would love wearing these)

(image found here)



  1. I dont know how you come up with these darling ideas! So fun!


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