Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1st Road Trip

Jaxon went on his first road trip over New Years to St. George where my parents have recently bought a home to stay during the winter. Yes, my parents are now that old where they hibernate from Utah's (normally) cold winters. On the ride down Jaxon was just fine but it was me who was trying to sleep but kept having someones foot in my face :)

While down there we spent a lot of time walking aimlessly because that is what Jaxon does best. We went hiking, biking, swimming, and even roasted some mallows. I know many in Utah are complaining about the lack of snow but for me I am LOVING it. Nothing better to do with a 15 month old than play outside.

I have so many pictures and let's face it, I just can't narrow it down so you are going to get all of them :)

Jaxon's favorite past time:

Our family's first bike ride together. 
I was usually the one trailing behind but it was still fun to be together and Jaxon seemed to love it.
 It is moments like these I am glad I captured them on camera because I never want to forget the fun we had.

We had a lot of fun hiking down in St. George and Jaxon especially liked it, however a little too much. He did not want to hold anyones hand so by the time we got to the top he was melting because we obviously as good parents aren't going to let a 15 month wander around on a cliff :) We took a bunch of silly pictures, ya know the ones you think no one will see and you will NOT post them on facebook. Well I had to post one of my pregnant sister....

My sister is going to kill me for posting this lol

(Jaxon really seemed to like being at the top... NOT)

Another fun past time while we were down there:

The pool meets up with the living room

(me trying to be funny)

The room in the basement that has a window to the bottom of the pool

Roasting some Mallows.

shooting some cans and my brothers bum :)

I can't wait to go back this weekend!

***My favorite highlight of the trip is when my mom got stuck in the mouse trap:



  1. what a cool house to go down with family. I can't wait to go ;). I love these pictures and miss you dearly love!

  2. your boot looks like it's on fire in that last pic haha. looks like an awesome house!

  3. First off I love the picture of your pregnant sister, very funny looks like a picture I'd take while pregnant, or not for that matter, I'm a goofy gal. Looks like you guys had fun. Jaxon is adorable!!!


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