Sunday, January 29, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

It has been a crazy week with fun projects and a party, that I will post on later, but the thing that has been keeping me away from blogging is the dumb stomach flu. I will keep this short and then go back to bed in hopes to be fully recovered by tomorrow.

The things that made me smile this week for Simple Things Sunday are the following:

*** pictures taken with an Iphone so sorry for the quality.

Walking in the fog with this stud...

Coming home to find that my husband bathed our son and put him to bed...

While dad is away mom and son play....

Jaxon found a girlfriend at the mall. To see them walk around holding hands had to be my #1 highlight of the week.

 Watching the republican debate. Does anyone else find it to be as entertaining as I do?

And last but not least, right before I got sick I got to play some dance central 2 with one of my best  (pregnant) friends and her husband. Why is it so funny to see a pregnant lady drop it like its hot? I think I almost peed my pants laughing so hard...

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  1. Super photos! Looks like tons of fun ;)

  2. So adorable! i love his sneakers. Hope your feeling better soon.

  3. Ok....loving your photos Bridget! The one of your little guy in the! :)

  4. He is so adorable! Great pics! Is everyone sick? I fee like it! I tagged you in a questionnaire! Check it out..
    The other Bridget ;)

  5. I love those pics!!!! Dance Central is my fave hahaha but I could not imagine doing it pregnant!!!...looks like a blast!!!


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