Tuesday, January 24, 2012

National Peanut Butter Day

Shut the front door... There is a national day for my favorite treat. Guess what is EVEN BETTER? My husband brought me home this surprise...

I hunted high and low for this at Trader Joe's when I was in California. To my demise, they were sold out. They only sell this wonderful jar of heaven during the holiday season. NOOOO... my hopes were crushed! THEN, what is that... a bird, a plane? No, it's my husband coming to save the day on National Peanut Butter Day with some cookie butter. Thats right, its peanut butter mixed with cookie crumbs. This stuff is divine on waffles!


{quick wipe of the mouth}

Okay back to reality...

Another great secret that I have kept to myself, because, well... I am not sure. Maybe it is because I am ashamed I eat so much of this, or  maybe I don't want it to be sold out when I go to the store. Either way I am sharing it with you now. I purchased this beauty at Smiths, and it is sold year round. Best part is that it is less calories then regular peanut butter.

You can thank me later :)

(Peanut butter mixed with white chocolate)

**** UPDATE (1/26): This just in, I was at Harmons grocery store to buy some Sprit because my stomach has been hurting (thanks to eating all this peanut butter) and guess what I spotted....



  1. Shut the front door is right! I had no idea about all the different types. I love me some Cold Stone Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mixed ice cream... OHHHHH MAN! Enjoy your spoonfuls of PB!

  2. Oh wow... I think I NEED that stuff!!! I love PB on my waffles too, but PB with cookies= heaven!
    Laurie :)

  3. Peanut butter mixed with cookie crumbs?!? Come ON!!

  4. I love reading your blog. You are hilarious and have great posts! So I think everyone needs to try Biscoff Spread. Oh. my. goodness. its amazing. The only grocery store I have been able to find it is at Winegars in Bountiful. Mmm excuse me while I got get a spoon full :)

  5. Don't worry I went to Smith's the night I read this post looking for that peanut butter! And yes thank you. Also Lee's carry's Bischoff Spead too and I love it! I didn't realize that was the same as your cookie spread.


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