Thursday, March 8, 2012

Messy Updo

I know we all have had those days where we wake up and we don't feel like washing our hair and pulling out that dreaded blow dryer. If you are like me on MOST days then here is a quick fix. After I spray my hair with my DIY Sea Salt Spray I will do this quick, yet oh so cute, updo. 

I usually do this the day after I did my boho look


Step 1: Put on a elastic head band over the top of your hair like the pictures below. pretend my hair is still down and I didn't already do step two :) 

Headband is from Banana Republic

Step 2: Grab the hair from your ends and tuck it up and over the head band. Keep tucking until you have it as tight or as loose as you would like.

Step 3. pull out a few pieces in the front to give it more of that "messy-effortless" feel.


Another  quick option that I do the day after I wear my hair down with my DIY Sea Salt Spray is the popular sock bun. I find that the day after, and using the Sea Salt Spray, it holds the sock better in my hair.


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