Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back To School Basics by Gygi

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Orson Gygi has such a fun selection to jazz up that boring lunch. What kid wouldn't love getting there food in a unique way for their first day of school lunch... heck, I think I will make myself a lunch in those cute mustache zip locks just for fun. :)

Back to School Basics

  • 1. Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags: Since most of you know about our Lunch Bug Bags, I thought we’d share another fun sandwich bag with you. Surprise your kids when they open up their lunch box to find that their sandwich has been disguised!
  • 2. I Read a Book Pad: Are you encouraging your little ones to read? There’s something about reading a real book (ya know, the kind made of paper) that is rejuvenating. Unplug for a minute and let your kids reflect about the book they read by using this fun notepad.
  • 3. Paper Straws: It only takes one paper straw in a lunch box to brighten it up! And let’s be honest, what child doesn’t love drinking out of a straw? You can buy a box of 144 straws (that’s half the school year) for only $9.99!
  • 4. Gable Boxes: Take lunch in style! This fun natural colored gable box makes it easy to decorate for birthdays or any other special occasion. Decorate it for your child, or let them design their own lunch box!
  • 5. Dine Ink & Chow Bots Utensils: Got college students at home? Dine Ink is the perfect gift for students who spend a lot of time eating at their desk. They are food-safe, reusable and will stand up to General Tsao’s chicken! But if you haven’t quite made it to the college phase yet, Chow Bots Utensils are what your little one needs in their lunch box. The silicone handle allows for little hands to keep firm grips and these fun utensils also give you a reason to play with a little bit of creativity. Lunch can be more than just sandwiches! So eat up: Bon appetit!
  • 6. Bitty Chevron Striped Bags: A simple and fun way to disguise any small treat in lunches. Kids of all shapes and sizes will be excited for the surprise left for them in their lunch box when it’s hidden in a bitty bag!
  • 7. Sandwich Cutters: Who wants crust anyways? We have a variety of shaped sandwich cutters that will eliminate the crust and bring on the fun! Check them out:Crustache Mustache CutterHippo & Alligator CutterBeehive & Bee CutterFlower & Ladybug Cutter 
  • 8. Bulk Treats: Not all at once of course! But take a few of these yummy candies or nuts and fill up a small bitty bag.


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