Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I {heart} The Lake

So all my close friends know I LOVE to go boating.  I would rather be on a boat than at the beach any day. Lucky for me I got both in one vacation. There is something about lake water, the breeze through my hair, and loud music that just does the body good :) I haven't been wake boarding in 2 years, and I have been having major with drawls so we decided to hit up my in laws lake house on the way to Hawaii. I still wonder how I got so lucky to marry such an amazing man who has the cutest family. Anyways I apologize upfront that I will have a couple Cali / Hawaii posts on the blog, but I promise while I am posting family pics and reminiscing of how amazing this trip was, I am behind the scene working on something really fun.

P.S. This is the suit from DownEast I wrote about.

For how much I love boating Jaxon wasn't so sure about his first boat ride....

Eventually he loved it....


  1. That looks just like my home town is it? Lake Arrowhead? Anyways, we love it too! Great pictures!


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