Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Okay so I have been a little absent on my blog lately and I told you it was because I was working on something good, well...

.... DRUM ROLL....

 I have decided to start an online shop called Bridget's Boutique. I think my husband has been anticipating this day more than I have. We have been in talks FOREVER about selling my parties, party supplies, and or accessories, but honestly I just didn't know where to begin. After meeting with some buyers and getting everything set up, I am excited to finally launch Bridget's Boutique.

 Now keep in mind it is still a work in progress and I have a lot more plans coming up in the near future, but I couldn't wait to tell you what I was doing so I decided to launch it now, and add new things in time...

Bridget's Boutique is where I will sell party packages, party supplies from my past and future parties... kind of like a party in a box. I will be doing custom party favors as well as selling some, if I do say so myself, ADORABLE, and affordable fashion accessories. 

I know, I know. You are all thinking... "Say what? Fashion accessories, but you are a party blog."

Now I may have started this blog to showcase my parties, but as you may have noticed I have been transitioning more into fashion and my life. I will still be doing LOTS of parties, but I have decided not to make this such a niche type blog, and just blog about what I love. So if you don't want to read about my personal life, parties, and fashion, then I guess you've been warned ;) 

Paper Straws

Custom Party Packages

To kick start my boutique,  I headed to The Daily Dish television show where my friend Tanelle showed different ways to style statement necklaces with some of my pieces.  (more on that in a later post) 

While there, I was complimented on my cute necklace by the one and only Chelsea Hightower from Dancing With The Stars. Say What? I had to do a double take and make sure I wasn't hearing things. One thing led to another and she was my first customer and is going to help spread the word on my new endeavor. See below to see what her favorite piece was.

Anyways I am excited and I hope you will support me in my new addition to this blog. To say thank you to my readers I am going to do a GIVEAWAY for one of my necklaces.

Go enter and to check out my boutique click  HERE

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  1. I really like the custom party package. You have some great ideas.

  2. Love the multi colored square bubble necklace

  3. I love the ombre statement necklace in blue. so cute!

  4. i love that ombre statement necklace in blue. like a lot!!

  5. Loving all the necklaces!! So jealous you started your own boutique!

  6. I love the J. Crew Inspired Droplet Necklace and Earring set... AKA the one Chelsie Hightower took from me! :) And, I love the Ombre Statement Necklace! So excited for you Bridge! Thanks for coming on The Daily Dish with me!

  7. I am loving them all! So excited for you in this. How fun! I think if I had to pick one it would be the J. Crew Inspired Square Bubble Necklace and Earrings: Navy.

  8. How neat Bridget!! That sounds like it's going to be a HIT! I love all the jewelry & I also love that you're sharing a mixture of things you love. So fun!

  9. How wonderful! You're going to do great- I am so proud of you for taking a risk and putting yourself out there. Blogger and now business maven. Awesome! And how fun to be in the right place at the right time and garner the support of someone connected like that! LOVE it!

  10. So exciting Bridget! I love all the necklaces! The ombre ones are really cute.

  11. Congrats Bridget! I love the necklaces and the party packages! You rock!

  12. Congratulations on starting your boutique! I love any of your j crew inspired drop necklaces!

  13. new to your blog but loving it! congrats on your new venture.

  14. I love any of your j crew inspired drop necklaces!

  15. Yay! I love the navy and green cluster necklaces!! Love ya Bridgey!!

  16. I love you... You're the cutest ever!!! I also love the blue and green square, and the purple/pink droplet! Love, love, love!



  17. Love your necklaces! Congrats and good luck!!

  18. Darling jewelry!
    I need one of each :).

    Kassi Udy

  19. I LOVE the green, turqouse and pink! I NEED a good statement necklace!! These are perfect~!

  20. I'm SO excited for you! And hope to work WITH you soon!

    1. oh favorite... I'm with Chelsea and like the drop necklace... picking a color is a bit harder!

  21. Your necklaces are amazing. Great structure and colors. What a great experience meeting and selling to Chelsea. That must have been surreal!

  22. Hey there! It was such a blast to meet you at the baby shower yesterday! your site is darliing and i can't wait to pick your brain! xoxox
    Jessie ann

    1. Hey jessie, I hope you get this. I need your email so we can chat and swap advice

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