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Giraffe Themed Birthday Party

 I have been missing here in blog world for a couple days and I have good reason... I am in paradise. For those who follow me @bridgetparry on Instagram you clearly already know where I am, and what I ate for breakfast lol... sorry about all the vacation posts, but they will probably continue until I get back.  I will soon be back to blogging with some exciting new additions to this blog, but until then I have some fun guests posts from some of my blog friends. 

First up my darling friend Vanessa....

(yes this dress makes me look 10 feet wide. I am aware, and totally cool with it ;) 

Guest Post Header
Hey all you Bridgey Widgey fans. My name is Vanessa and I blog at Our Thrifty Ideas. I’m so happy to be stopping by today to share my latest party adventure!

A few weeks ago I had my daughter’s first birthday party! I have thrown my son parties before, but there is just something different about doing it for a girl! I started planning it MONTHS ago! Deciding on a theme was hard, but when the thought of giraffes came to mind, I knew that I had to do it!

Being a first birthday, I knew I had to focus on food (as does everything with our family) and then minimum and simple activities for the Littles that were attending. Because lets face it, their attention span is worse than the “Up” Dog, and they already put everything possible into their mouths!

Birthday Table

I loved the “mini” theme to the food table. Small and accessible was the goal, and with the Littles grabbing more every few minutes, I think I accomplished what I wanted.

food collage

We had bright pink cheesecake in baby food jars, peanut butter rice crispy pops, mini doughnuts, and finger candies like taffy and peach rings.


To drink I made lemonade as the base; I pureed both raspberries and peaches and mixed each with a simple syrup. These became our flavorings that we would then mix into our lemonade. Using mason jars for our cups, we wrapped in a coordinating bakers twine to dress them up.


Because we had so many treats, I did not serve cake and icecream. Instead we just had one smash cake for her to dive into. But when it came time, all she did was eat the frosting from the outside! I probably could have re-frosted it and served it to everyone!

Birthday Party Hat

As soon as I knew the theme, the hunt started for the perfect birthday hat. I couldn’t find one anywhere that wasn’t gonna cost me $50, so I made my own. I loved how it turned out, even if she only kept it on for pictures!

Probably the best part of the whole party was the vintage highchair that I got from the classifieds! It was so beat-up, covered in gunk, and just not attractive. So I spent HOURS sanding, painting, and re-finishing it until it was just what I wanted!

I’m in love with how it turned out!


smash cake.jpg

Not only was it great for her 1st birthday pictures, but using it during her smash cake was just darling!



I also made her Tutu our of some fun fabric, a headband, and lots of tulle! And what little one doesn’t need a “One” shirt for their birthday? But she also had a “1” bum!

gracie's mask
photo booth collage
photobooth collage

For the activities, we did a photo booth (which got blown down at the very beginning, so we just used the brick wall!) with some fun wild animal masks! We also got wild animal temporary tattoos and most kids had them up one arm, and down the other by the end of the party!

Thanks so much for letting me stop by today and share our fun Giraffe themed party. I’d love to have you stop by Our Thrifty Ideas to find the recipes and tutorials for everything I shared here today as well as many more on the blog!

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  1. Thanks so much for having me today Bridget! Have so much fun on vaca, and post many more pictures. My husband and I are living vicariously thru them!


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