Thursday, April 5, 2012

Instagram Love

This last weekend my family headed down to Southern California to Surprise my M.I.L for her birthday. She was in total shock that she just stared at Jaxon for a long time before even saying anything. She thought she was seeing things since she was sick and just got on some medication. It probably didn't help that about an hour before we showed up I sent her this picture saying we were visiting daddy at work...

In Instagram Pictures this was our weekend...

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Jaxon is obsessed with anything that has to do will a ball or what he calls buball. We would go on walks and he would get side tracked when he saw neighbors basketball hoops.

While playing ball outside a bunny pulled up on a golf cart to say hello because that is totally normal right?

For my husbands birthday on Monday we hit up six flags. 

My beautiful sister in law. She is 14 and just an overall beautiful girl. ( I hope if I ever have a girl that they are like her)

You have to stock up at Trader Joe's before leaving Cali. 

To end off the trip we got a free car wash at the parking lot we had our car parked at. We were like, "ah sweet, it is free" Well half way through the car wash we realized we were paying for it. We left the luggage in the bed of the truck. Nothing like coming home to soggy luggage ;)


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