Saturday, April 7, 2012

Painting Easter Eggs

I am so glad we ended up dying and painting Easter eggs this year. I was going to skip it because I didn't think Jaxon would even like it. Boy, was I wrong. This kid was screaming "yeah, yeah, yeaaaaaaaah" the whole time! He was in heaven. Having a kid makes holidays so much better. I am sucker for traditions and all the kid activities and now I have an excuse to do them with out being look at as "too old." Anyone else with me on this? I mean trick-or-treating... um, heck yes!!

We then went on his first egg hunt.


  1. how fun Bridget! his face says it two year old LOVED it too and it was THE biggest mess ever, but it was so fun to watch her face and her concentration! love the view from your deck!! Happy Easter and thanks for linking up! :)

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