Monday, May 21, 2012

Chocolate Nintendo Remote Controls

For every party I decorate, I like the guest to take away a favor that represents the party. When I saw these molds at Orson H. Gygi I KNEW that these old gaming remote controls would be perfect for my "Game Night" party. I seriously stopped in my tracks and said out loud, "heck yes!!!!" I was so excited about these because it brought back so many memories growing up. It wasn't until later I realized this party was for a 12 year old that probably never saw this version of Nintendo... Oh well, the parents loved them and if you love them make sure you go to the bottom of this post for a 10% code for my readers for anything online at Gygi's.

I have done a lot of chocolate molds before, but this is my first time doing different layers of colors. I thought it would take forever and a day to get this done, but with the coolest thing since slice bread, it was super easy. Want to know my secret?

It is these candy writers...

Step 1: Place the candy writers in hot (not boiling) water. 

Step 2: Once the chocolate has softened, wipe it dry and cut off the tip. You want to make sure the candy writer is completely dry. Let's just say water and chocolate doesn't mix well and the chocolate will seize ;) 
What is also great about these writers is when you are done, you can simply put the cap back on and store for a later use. No messy clean up.

Step 3: fill in the mold in the desired areas. You can tap the mold gently on the table to get the chocolate to settle evenly in the mold. Let this harden before you move to step 4.

While you are waiting for step three to harden, melt your chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. I will microwave it for 20 seconds and then stir with a wooden spoon and repeat until it is smooth. For a great tutorial on how to melt your chocolate properly I used Gygi's "20 second rule".

Step 4: Fill your molds with chocolate and let sit at room temperature. (65 degree F. when melting chocolate) 

I know you may be tempted to put them in the freezer or fridge because it will be faster, but you may get a fog on your chocolate called bloom. (see picture below).

I learned about "bloom" the hard way. I couldn't figure out why my chocolate looked weird because it didn't taste different. It wasn't until I read this post about all things chocolate before I figured it out. You can thank me later for saving you some time and avoiding you from "foggy" chocolate ;)

When they are done they should simply fall out of the mold; no need to force them. I have noticed with new molds it will be a little harder but the more you use the mold the easier the chocolate will pop out.

Also don't mix old chocolate with new.... once again learned this the hard way ;)

I use Guittard Chocolate you can buy HERE



This post has been sponsored by  Gygi in exchange for product but all opinions are 100% mine as always!! 

If you would like to buy these molds or ANYTHING at Gygi's make sure you order online and enter in  my code: bridgeywidgey10. This code will give my readers 10% off everything they have online. 

****If you live local you can order online and do in store pick up for free. 


  1. Those are to die for cute! I can't wait to try it!

  2. wow! these look great, I want some!!

    Natasha @


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