Sunday, May 13, 2012

Being Present


Today was such a fun day. I woke up around 5 am to the sound of my little boy screaming "MOOOOOOM." Oddly, it was music to my ears.  I am so grateful to experience the wonderful blessing that is called motherhood. I am so grateful for a healthy boy who adores me, and for an amazing mom who raised me.

My day started when my husband got up and took him downstairs so I could sleep in (5 am). Fast forward an hour, and I get woken up to a little boy tickling my arm as it hung over the side of the bed. I woke up to see Jaxon saying, "mom, mom, mom." He gets worried whenever I shut my eyes. I don't know if he thinks I am dead, hurt,  or just not paying attention to him. Either way I never can shut my eyes around him unless we are saying prayers. Anyways, I pulled him up in bed with me and he proceeded to smack me in the face... nothing wakes you up faster than a quick swift smack to the nose ;) Fast forward another 15 minutes and my husband comes running up stairs saying Jaxon we need to leave mommy alone because it is Mother's Day. (Turns out he fell asleep downstairs while watching him so Jax came to find me.)

As I was trying to wake up, I sat and thought about what Chase said... "Jaxon we need to leave mommy alone because it is Mothers Day." I agree with the notion that it is Mother's Day and it is a time to appreciate us and give us a little break, but I NEVER want my kid(s) to feel like they need to leave me alone. I want them to know I LOVE every minute, the good and bad, that I am their mom. 

This brings me to something I have been struggling with... Guilt. I feel guilty I haven't been as present as I should be as a wife and mother. I started decorating parties with the intentions to make it a part time job, to earn extra money, and to follow a passion of mine; however, between parties and blogging I feel as if I miss out on some opportunities with my family because I am not always present in the moment. Ha, literally as I am writing this, my husband and son are reading books on the bed and I should probably go join in... BE RIGHT BACK...

Okay, I am back ;) 

 I may be at the park with my son but I am thinking about decorations, blog posts, or checking my phone. I may be present physically, but how often am I there mentally?  How often do I really get on the floor to his level and play with him? How often am I really engaging and listening to what my husband is saying? Not often enough!!!

I know I am not alone with this issue as I have talked with many fellow bloggers who feel the same way. Luckily for us I have paired up with the "UH-MAZING" (yes I just said that like a valley girl) Matt Towsend. He is a relationship coach that many of you may have seen on Studio 5 here in Utah. He has created some great videos on tips and tricks to help us in our relationships with others. Here is one on being present in the moment, and I am not surprised that I love everything he has to say.

 My big take away from this video is to focus on the small details. When you focus on the details it helps you be more present in the moment. My goal is going to be to look more at people when they are talking to me. Half the time my husband is telling me something, I am on my phone checking my Instagram... Don't judge, you know you have done this to. ;)


  1. I had the same kind of conclusion this week while at a museum with my son. There were so many moms not paying attentions to their kids and then this amazing mom with two girls, and she was "there" with them. I have done both and set a goal that day to be more like that mother. I am so glad that you blogged about this. Great inspiration.

    I found you through simple things blog. And your blog is super cute.

  2. such a great post Bridget and I love that sweet photo of yours. thank you for sharing your thoughts and that video....great reminder! :)


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