Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Game Night Party: behind the scene

When I first started out doing parties I would look for inspiration at other parties and wonder how they created that oh-so-beautiful table. I knew people could crop their photos, but I wished someone would of shared their unedited photos and their secrets. I have been asked if I have always wanted to decorate parties or if I have always been good at it, and the answer is NO. check out my first party. The lighting was bad, the decor was blah, and I had no back drop. I remember thinking this party was the BOM.COM ha!

I show you this party to encourage all of you who want to start taking your party up a notch that you can do it. I know most people don't throw a party a week, but for me that is how I learned what works and what doesn't. I am going to break down this Game Party and show you the good, the bad, and the ugly :)

Let's start with the main table...

I used two twister boards for the table cloth and for my color inspiration for the whole party.

I use empty board game boxes for my platters and for adding different height to my party. Behind the Jenga box, the three candy jars are sitting on a monopoly box.

Using board games, I added levels. I also used mini game cards for cupcake toppers along with fun printables you can purchase here

Using foam board covered in wrapping paper and stapling biased tape to the back,  I created this hanging door sign.  I love this technique because you can reuse the signs over and over by simply changing out the wrapping paper. You may recognize this foam board used before for my rock-a-bye baby shower and attaching vinyl records. Also a quick tip, when attaching the cards to the sign, use sticky tack so it can be easily removed and the cards can be used again. I personally used double sided tape because I will use this sign over and over.


For the backdrop, I use a photo backdrop like this one and covered it with thrifted fabric. I know it is an investment but when going to set up parties in all different locations, it helps me guarantee I will have clean back drop for my parties. I have used this same back drop for a lot of my parties such as my Vintage Princess Party and Rock-a-Bye baby shower.

Now for the good stuff! No one will ever show you the bad and the ugly, but have no fear I will...

The oh-so-glamorous back side ;) Good thing no one normally sees this.

Using ribbon and bias tape, I simply stapled the monopoly boards and banner together. I recommend sewing the banner if you are wanting to use it over and over. 

Another tip is don't feel the need to put EVERYTHING out on your table. You can always restock. For example I only put out 6 popcorn bags because it looked better than putting out 30 for each kid.

My last tip is to use a printable party pack. Now don't get me wrong I don't think printables work for EVERY party. I don't use them for a lot of my vintage parties. However, if you don't have a lot of time and or decor then I recommend buying a printable party package. I always use Mimi's Dollhouse because she is fast and makes custom packages. All the printables I have used for my recent parties have been custom designs that she now sells in her shop. I simply tell her exactly what I want and she creates it for me in no time! Go check her out at Mimi's Dollhouse.

If you want these exact printables you can purchase them here.


  1. What a great party theme! I love all the details--especially how you used so many board games as levels/trays and game cards on your signs and food! The colors are so bright and fun! Your best tip for me is remembering that not all the food has to be displayed. Thanks!

  2. This is the cutest party!! :) I've been mia for the last 2 weeks with some big family issues, and am so happy this was the first blog post i read!! :)

  3. So awesome!!! I am totally in love with this!!! *I'm your newest follower, btw*

  4. So clever! I love all the different real games you used in the decorations!

  5. A great inside look :) I admit, I have never made a party table, probably because they always look soo perfect and a little intimidating (& a lot of work)! Good tips though but a budget-friendly party.

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