Monday, May 21, 2012

Studio 5

I have been wanting to post about my Studio 5 experience for a while and with so many parties this month I haven't had time. Okay, that's a lie, I have had time but instead I have been hanging out with my family. You will all agree that is a much better choice than blogging right ;)

Anyways I had such a fun time doing this segment but it went by too fast. I had 2 days to do everything and I was so BEYOND nervous... not for the TV part but for the part that I didn't know what do to do with a paper cone. I didn't have time for trial and error so I was just hoping what I did, they would be impressed. The day of the show I was struggling to get my printables up on my blog, shower, and put make up on. Sadly none of the above got done. I didn't shower and I forgot mascara.

Right before the camera went on I had to tell myself to take deep breaths because my heart was beating so fast (you can tell in the segment). I had no time to even think of what I was going to say and I was so afraid I would say, "oh crap" on TV or something that would be embarrassing. Luckily it went well minus I talked really fast, then again I always talk really fast so that wasn't anything new.  The best part of the whole segment is where they brought up my blog name. I love how Darren was fighting back the laughter when I said "bridgey widgey" :)

Brooke and Darren were beyond nice. I have worked on a TV show before and the camera crew was not nearly as organized and sweet as the people behind the cameras at Studio 5. Thank you again for letting me come on and share my passion of parties. Oh, and thanks for letting me act like a kid at Disneyland. I was SO excited to be there I had this big old grin on my face. Call me dumb, but being on Studio 5 was on my bucket list for two reasons. One, I LOVE the show and two, because my family makes jokes about me blogging and ever since booking more parties and being on TV they have stopped with their little remarks. Oh it feels so good to prove them wrong. Is that bad? Probably... oh well, I never said I was perfect :)

For the free printables I showed on the segment and tutorials on these cones click here, here, and here


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