Friday, May 4, 2012

Paper Cones

 As a party stylist I am always looking for ways to make a party go from good to great, and I believe it is in the small details... so paper cones are a must-have in any party. They are inexpensive, easy to make, and a 2 for one... you get decor and a party favor. They are also great because they can add height, color, and texture to any party.  

Today on Studio 5 I am showing you a few unique ways to display and decorate a regular paper cone. I will be demonstrating my paper cone on a dowel along with a few others.  All the paper and dowels were given to me by The Wood Connection. I am giving away 25 dollars to their store so you can create all the cones you want as well. To enter click HERE

Below, I have attached the free pintables done by the wonderful and talented Mimi's Dollhouse that I had on the show. You can't beat free, so what are you waiting for... print, pin, and party :) 

****I will have more tutorials on all the cones in todays show coming later today and tomorrow but HERE is the main tutorial I will be demonstrating.

Okay now on to the good stuff... The Printables!!!!

To get the printable, right click on the image and then click "save image to downloads." This will place the image in your "downloads folder" on your computer and then you can go and print. OR you can click HERE to download them all.

Mini Kite Party Cones:

 Tutorial for these kite paper cones coming soon

Download the kite printables for free thanks to Mimi's Dollhouse.

Smore Party Cone:

Love is in "bloom" and Thanks for helping me "bloom" this year: 

I hope you all get crafting on some party cones and if you would like to get more free printables please become a follower of my blog on the right hand side where it says "join the party."


  1. Bridgette you did so great on Studio 5 today!!! You looked absolutely gorgeous, by the way...

  2. Bridget these are WONDERFULLY AMAZING!!! I Love them!!

  3. Bridg, I just watched your segment on the Studio 5 website. Everything looked SO SO cute!! You seriously did amazing! Good job and congrats!!

  4. Bridget! You are the cutest! I wanted to watch you on tv today and missed it! I was so sad, but then I found it online! You are darling! Congrats--you did fabulous! So proud of you!

  5. Bridget -

    Saw you today on Studio 5 and you were adorable!!! Good job and I loved all your ideas. Can't wait to follow your blog.

  6. So excited for the baseball ones. My son wants a baseball party and I'm doing your cones.

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