Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Princess is Popular

I just got onto Pinterest and it didn't automatically log me in, which can be annyoning but in this case I was SO excited because look what was on the popular page!

My Vintage Princess Party 

Speaking of this party, I have a funny story. So as I have mentioned before, my family makes little remarks about me blogging but if it wasn't blogging it would be something else. We all ( including me) just tease each other. It is just how we roll. Anyone else have a family like this? Anyways my brother, who lives in Arizona, went with his wife to a little girls birthday party and found the party to be very similar to my princess party. When they asked where their friend got her inspiration for her daughters party, she mentioned this cute blog called bridgey widgey! My brother was dying in shock and I am so happy to know people are recreating these parties. This is EXACTLY why I break down all the parties in hopes you will create it at home. 

If anyone else has recreated any of my parties or even part of it, I would love to see pics!

The party my brother went to. I love her princess hats... I must say more than mine ;)

I love the touch of the pink coconut! 


  1. I can see why it is popular! It really is done so well! Great story too! Yay for blogging! :)

  2. Two REALLY exciting things! Yay Bridget!! So, I don't even really want to mention this, because your party was like ten bazillion times cuter, but I loved your cookie theme and did that for my Lindsay's graduation party. I used your recipe for the homemade oreos. Here is my "mini Bridget party" even comparable to your cuteness!!

    Congrats again on all your success!! So happy for you!!

  3. I LOVE all your parties but I do think this is my favorite so far :) Pretty sure I pinned it once or twice! SO SO cute! You are extremely talented!

  4. Bridget! You are just killing it lately!!! I love the game party, princess party, your studio 5 appearance... All crazy awesome party bliss! I'm so glad you share your genius on this blog too! (You can tell your family that you have a fan in Cali too). I'm inspired by your beautiful presentation and eye for party perfection!

  5. I wanted to hop over from instagram to check out your blog. doesn't disappoint! I love planning a good party myself, I love that you get to do it so often. Great photos!

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