Sunday, July 15, 2012

Called To Serve...

My cute parents left over the weekend to serve an LDS mission in Hawaii. For my readers who are not familiar with my faith or how missions work here is a little run down.... Boys are asked to go on a 2 year mission when they are worthy to serve and are at least 19 years old. If girls in our faith chose to go they would go when they are 21 and serve for 18 months. My dad served his mission when he was 19 in England, and now he gets the amazing opportunity to serve again. This time he will serve with my adorable mom for one year in Hawaii. Looks like I will need to go visit ;)

For more information on my faith you can click HERE.

They left  straight after our family trip to California (more on that later). It was a bitter-sweet good bye. I know they are serving the Lord and we will be blessed because of it, but I am still selfish and want to keep them to myself. If you had parents like mine you would want to keep them to. :)

Saying good bye just sucks. Sorry, no better way to put it! I may or may not have cried like a baby when I had to say good bye, and I saw how sad my son was to leave his "pa pa." Wish I could say he was sad to see Grandma go, but for some reason he just doesn't really dig my mom. When he see's her, he will dodge and block her as if he was the receiver of a football team avoiding the tackle right before a touch down. To be completely honest my mom thinks it's funny. Maybe she would be more hurt if he was the only grandkid but since she has 25 she has plenty of other kids to give her hugs.

Speaking of grandkids, let's check out how many again...

(see if you can spot me... We had to get clever placing my son because he didn't want to let go of me)

Love you mom and dad, and I will miss you WAY more than what is healthy for a 25 year old woman!!!!

*** If you know of any missionaries in the Provo MTC you need to check out Missionary Munchies! Great gift ideas delivered to your Missionaries.

Picture from their first day there...


  1. O I love your parents. I grew up basically if not at my house, at yours! They will be best the best missionaries. And yes maybe you and I will both be visiting them ;)

  2. Your mom is so dang cute! I will miss seeing her at Zumba!

  3. I love your parents... Brian & Jill were telling me about their mission and it sounds so cool!! You will for sure have to visit. And Jaxon is so darling by the way. I seriously am a little envious of his darling curls, so cute!

  4. Love you! Love your Parents! Love your family! I would bawl like a baby too!


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